Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup

Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup

Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup – Canon TS6020 is a portable printer with many features that provides an amazing printing experience. It comes with a 3-inch display, making the setup process easy. With the help of the screen, users can perform a lot of activities. However, a few users can’t set up this printer on their own. So, if you are unable to set up the Canon TS6020 printer, you have landed at the right place. This article contains a Step by Step Guide for Canon TS6020 Setup.

Though the setup process of this printer is easy, you may face problems if the OS is not compatible. However, if it’s not the problem, you are missing somewhere else. Performing the all steps with care can help you out. You might have gone through a lot of setups but they have complex steps. But we have made this Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup for non-technical users. So, if you want to fire up your Canon TS6020 printer, keep reading.

Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup

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Compatible OS With Canon TS6020 Printer

As we stated above, if your operating system is not compatible with the printer, it won’t work. So, before we dig deep into the setup guide, let’s get familiar with the operating systems this printer works. The below-listed are the operating systems compatible Canon TS6020 Printer, and if you have any of the below, all done.

  • Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X vq10.6.8- v10.9,
  • Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Mobile Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows RT16

Once you know the operating system is compatible with your Canon ts6020 printer, follow the easiest steps for Canon ts6020 Setup and enjoy the best printing services. It will take a few minutes to set up this printer.

Step By Step Guide For Canon TS6020 Setup

The steps for Canon TS6020 Setup are easy, it will take a few minutes. We have simplified the whole setup process for windows. However, while performing the below-listed steps, if you face any trouble, contact our experts and they will help you out. Without further ado, let’s begin with the setup guide for the Canon TS6020 printer.

  • Connect your printer with your windows computer.
  • Plug the USB cable in the right section of the USB Port on the Canon TS6020 printer.
  • Now plug the other end of the USB into the USB port of the computer.
  • Turn your Canon TS6020 printer ON.
  • Click on the Start Menu, and open the control panel.
  • Navigate to Devices and Printers, and select Add a printer.
  • Go to the platform of the local printer, and click on the port where you have connected the printer.
  • Your Canon TS6020 printer will appear on the screen, select it.
  • Once done, hit the Next button.
  • Set your Canon TS6020 printer as the default printer and enjoy amazing printing services.

Guide For Canon TS6020 Setup (Mac OS)

By following the above-listed steps, you can connect your Canon TS6020 printer to your windows computer. However, if you want to connect your Canon TS6020 printer to your Mac PC, follow the below-listed steps.

  • Switch off the Canon TS6020 printed and disconnect the cable.
  • Go to the Canon printer setup website, and navigate to the ‘support and drivers’ option.
  • Select the product type and find home office and consumer. Click on it.
  • Go to the list of product families and select Canon TS6020 printer.
  • Hit the “drivers and softwares’ option.
  • Select the version of the Mac OS you are using.
  • The download process will begin.
  • Once the download is done, click on the downloaded file.
  • You will see a new window, follow the prompts.
  • Install the printer and add it to your Mac device.

After performing the above-listed steps, you can easily connect your Canon TS6020 printer to your Mac Device. Though the above-listed steps are easy to apply, However, if you face any difficulties while performing the above-listed steps, call our experts and find the best solution. Aside from that, we hope that you find the relevant information you were looking for. This article contains Step By Step Guide For Canon ts6020 Setup. For more in-depth details or technical assistance, you can contact our qualified staff members and experts at 800-742-9005 or write an email to us at

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