Fix error “Printer not detected” in Canon printers

Fix error “Printer not detected” in Canon printers

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Fix error "Printer not detected" in Canon printers

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When you are installing a Canon printer, it is quite possible that the printer is not recognized by the computer. The message will be appear on the screen that it is not recognized by the system.This error can occur due to many several reasons, but dont worry this issue can be resolved. Follow the below listed steps carefully for fixing this error.

Step 1 –Check the USB printer cable

Firstly check where the printer is connected via the USB cable, it will help to if this is the reason behind the error or something else. Sometimes switching the USB cable into another palce can occur this error.

Step 2 –Check the power electricity cable 

There is a probability that the wire is not connecting to the elctricity cable which may be the reason behind the occurence of this sudden error. We need to do the same procedure with the USB cable, eliminating the possibilities comes first, we can also consider making a push cable stronger. In many cases, the power cable create this issue due to loose connections.

Step 3 –The printer is turned on

When you connect the printer to the computer, the USB cable and the power adopter cord will not working properly if the printer is not on. Cgeck the connections properly before giving it printing command.

Step 4 –Check that the drivers you downloaded from the Internet are correct

Download the correct printer drivers from the internet for your printer. It is the basic part of the operation of any printer.Verify that the drivers you have are compatible with your computer or if they are really relevant to that printer, you can check download the appropriate drivers from the official website of the manufacturer using our publication on how to download drivers Canon printers.

Step 5 –Disconnect all the USB memory connected near the port of the printer

There are very less chances of this, it doesnot usually occur. But we cant predict anything about technical issues, may be a USB memory connected to the computer failed to work properly. There is possibility of its occurence , so disconnect the USB memory connected  near to the port of the printer.

If any of the above steps doesnot provide any solutionto your issue, kindly contact any technical expert. The expert will recoignize the peoblem and tell you the suitable solutions for it.

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