How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error

How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error

How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error – Nowadays everywhere there is a requirement of printers. Either it is an organization of hundreds of employees or just for only a single person at home. Printers are quite quick and useful in our daily life. Therefore mostly prefer Canon Printers. As because of its efficiency and accuracy. There is always a huge demand for Canon Printers in the marketplace. But what if a non-technical person gets trapped in printer not responding error and how to fix canon printer not responding error?

Many times the printer get struck while printing the document or any print. With a message of the printer not responding. This situation always causes an irritation and headache for the person who is actually very needy of the printer. Then how to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error? To resolve this problem. We Tech Support Experts are always available to guide you the best and effective solution. That only resolve your printer problem but also saves your time and money. Just a single call you will receive the best resolution that saves both time and money.

For more details regarding the error fixation or any other technical support help. You can contact us at 800-742-9005. We are always here to assist you. Even we provide remote support also.

How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error

The reason behind the Canon Printer Not Responding | Tech Support Expert

Many times you may come across with an unwanted error message “Print not responding.” Mostly this error occurs during the time you attempt to print something. There are various possible reasons due to which this error occurs like:

  • Print SpoolerHow to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error
  • Printer Drivers
  • Poor Connectivity
  • Bad Hardware Status
  • USB issues
  • Wrong Connectivity End Points etc.

These are the general reasons for the Canon printer not responding error. With a little technical assistance, you can resolve these issues or faults.

How to fix Canon Printer not Responding Error Quickly?

The best thing is that you can resolve this issues with by yourself. If you still find any difficulty then you can contact us for technical support assistance from our technical support experts.

  1. General Troubleshooting Guide: Whenever you find that printer is not responding error. Firstly check the connection of your computer with your Canon printer. Make sure your printer is properly connected to your computer either via cables or wireless. After assuring the connectivity try to restart your all devices that relate to printing jobs.
  2. Run Canon Printer Troubleshooter: Every Windows OS either it is Windows 10 or Windows 7 has a self-built-in printer troubleshooter. Which helps in resolving and diagnosing the printer related issues. Press Windows (Win) key and type “Troubleshoot” (Windows 10) or “Troubleshooting” (Windows 7) in the Search box. For Windows 10 click on “Printer” and then on “Run the Troubleshooter” and for Windows 7 click on “Use a Printer” option in  “Hardware and Sound. Follow the instructions as per on-screen to complete the troubleshooting.
  3. Disable 3rd Party Firewall: This issue is most of time caused by an overprotective firewall. It is commonly caused by occurence of 3rd party antiviurs suites such as Mc Affee, Glass Wire etc. Most of the user find that their antivirus solution ended up by blocking the spooler subsytem app. This issue can be resolved after disabling the firewall function. If you want easy solution then unistall the application from Programs and Features. For this open a Run box, type windows key + R and then type “appwiz.cpl. Hit the Enter button to open Programs and Features. Right click on it and choose the uninstall button to remove it.
  4. Restart Print Spooler of Canon Printer: Printer Spooler is a kind print service that is useful in managing all the print tasks. Sometimes due to some bug error this printer not responding error rise. You can solve the problem by simply just restarting the printer spooler. Press Win + R -> Type SERVICES.MSC and hit Enter -> Scroll down and Double Click on Print Spooler -> In Service status Click on Stop Button and then on Start. If already you find the option in Stop stage click on start directly -> hit the OK button.
  5. Reconfigure the Port Correctly: For smooth working of the printer, you need to configure your printer to correct printer port. Press WIN + R key and type CONTROL -> DEVICES AND PRINTERS -> RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR PRINTER -> PRINTER PROPERTIES -> GENERAL -> CHANGE PROPERTIES -> PORTS tab -> Tick the port which contains your printer name -> Apply -> GENERAL -> PRINTER TEST PAGE
  6. Printer Driver: Sometimes the reason for this error is due to corrupt printer driver or old version of the printer driver. So either reinstall or update the version of printer driver from the brand website.

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