How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

How to Connect Canon Printer Error Code 1702? – Canon is the famous printer brand who also brings the new features and functions for its users. The printer is providing quality printing and scanning for many years and continues. Canon is not only recognised versatile for printers but also for best quality cameras. Despite the well-known printer, people come across with several issues while using a Canon printer. One of the common error is 1702 which generally occurs when the ink absorber is full. So, whenever you come across with this error you don’t need to panic just read our blog consists of the relevant answer about How to Connect Canon Printer Error Code 1702? 

Tech Support Expert is the third party online technology company. The company has a remarkable presence in the offline and online world. People avail our services whenever their Canon printer encounter any error or issue. We have solved the Canon printer error 1702 very efficiently and provides a reliable reason for the occurrence of this error. Eventually, after sustained use, your Canon printer will show an error when the ink absorber is full. By following our step-by-step you can easily learn How to Connect Canon Printer Error Code 1702? 

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

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Guidance on Canon Printer Error 1702

Technical errors can occur anytime and create frustration in your mind because your work suffers a lot due to this. The printer is an important technical device and many people are using it for their convenience. If you didn’t take the help of any technical expert for a long time then errors can damage your printer. Therefore to do hassle-free printing the printer needs to free from any technical errors or issues. Here we will discuss the Canon printer error 1702, the processes are: 

Reliable Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702 

To continue the printing process, go through the various solutions: 

Solution 1 – Press Ok to Print Continue 

When you see Canon printer error code 1702 while you are printing any document from your printer. Then we recommend you to run the printer machine and press Ok to continue printing. In case you are unable to print or connect to your Canon printer in your computer then move on to the next solution. 

Solution 2 – Reset the Waste Ink Absorber 

By resetting the waste ink absorber on Canon printer you can resolve the error codes that appear when you turn on the printer. Follow the steps:

  • Ensure that the Canon printer is turned Off. 
  • Press and hold the “Resume” button.
  • Then while holding the resume button, also hold down the Power button. After that, the green LED light should come. 
  • Till then keep the Power button held. 
  • Now release the Resume button and then press it twice. The light will go amber and then green again. After that release the Power button. 
  • Press the Resume button four times and then press the Power button and immediately Reset Counter Absorber to confirm the selected action. 
  • After that turn off the printer and turn it on again. Now start doing your print job. 
  • If your Canon printer can print then it is Ok, otherwise, go the next solution. 

Solution 3 – Replace the Ink Absorber 

It is essential to replace the waste ink pad as it has become full and to get your printer work smoothly you have to do it. It is complicated to replace the ink absorber and also a messy procedure. To do this:

  • Order the new waste ink pads from Canon and replace them to accomplish your print jobs. 
  • Change the ink absorber successfully and reset the ink absorber counter. 
  • We do not recommend you to replace the waste ink absorber tank. 

We hope that your issue is fixed after performing the above-listed steps and solutions. 

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