How To Fix Canon Printer E59 Error

How To Fix Canon Printer E59 Error

How To Fix Canon Printer E59 Error – Canon printers have brought a sensational change in the world of printing. These printers have huge demand in the market due to their high quality and low-cost printing and reliable life. Canon is among the best brands when we talk about printing devices in the entire industry. But even these printers are not free from technical flaws. Users can experience errors with their Canon printers. One such error is the E59 Error. If you are the one who is facing such as error and wanted to know How to Fix Canon Printer R59 Error, then you have reached the right place.

Canon is a world leader in terms of delivering quality printing devices. These devices are used by millions of users worldwide and the biggest reason the users trust this brand is because of their credibility and built quality. But there are times when the users encounter errors while performing printing activities with these printers like and Error E59. Through this blog, we will you How to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error.How To Fix Canon Printer E59 Error

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All About Error E59?

As we all know that Canon printers are highly demanded because of their quality printing and excellent user experience. But despite everything, these printers also encounter some technical errors like Error E59. It occurs with the Canon printers when the paper information set on your Canon printer doesn’t matches with the printer’s paper settings. In short, that there is a mismatch related to paper settings. So in this case, one needs to ensure that the size of the papers matches with the set on Canon Printer.

Possible Reasons Behind this Error

As we are now familiar with the error, it’s time to know the possible reasons behind such an error. There are many reasons and some of them are listed below:

  1. This error will be encountered by the user if the Canon printer is unable to print due to inappropriate settings.
  2. If there is a mismatch between the paper settings and the printer settings.
  3. If the settings of the printer and the paper are different.
  4. This error will occur if there are incorrect paper and Canon printer settings.
  5. Paper jamming can also lead to such errors.
  6. It can be caused by Pending print queue

Steps to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error

After getting familiar with the error and its possible reasons, now it’s time to move on to the troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. The issue is very common and as it is encountered by many users across the globe; its resolution is also easy. To avoid such an error, it is crucial to check the paper and printer settings before performing any printing activity and also make sure to adjust the paper size in accordance with the loaded papers. These precautions will avoid the occurrence of such an error.

Here are the steps that you need to perform to Fix Canon Printer E59 Error:

  • The first and the foremost thing that you need to do under such circumstances is to press the Stop Button to block the Printing activities if you see the Error E59 on the Canon printer display.
  • After this check the settings of both the printer and paper. Make sure that the settings of both the printer and paper are matching. If not then adjust the settings by selecting the right media and checking the paper size.
  • The third thing is to make sure that the paper settings are accurate on the cassette of the Canon Printer and if not then have a look at the driver settings of the printer.
  • After making sure of the accuracy of settings, press Ok.
  • Now Restart the Canon Printer.
  • Once the printer starts, check all the settings again.
  • Now run a print test to determine whether the issue has been fixed or not.
  • Rest the printer to default if the Canon printer is still displaying the same error E59.

So this is all about the Canon Printer Error E59. All the information provided above is listed on the basis of deep research and experience. By following all the steps in the exact same manner, you can get this issue resolved in no time. We hope that this blog was useful to you and you got the troubleshooting steps that you were looking for. In the future as well, if you face any technical issues, then feel free to contact Tech Support Expert by calling our toll-free number 800-742-9005, or you can send us your query through an email as well at

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