How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052 – Canon is the world leader when it comes to electronic gadgets. This Japanese company is well known in the market to provide innovative printing solutions that meet the printing needs of everyone. These devices hold pleasing designs and they are able to provide a low-cost printing experience to the user. But it has been noted that the Canon printers are prone to encounter technical malfunctions like the Error Code U052. If you are facing the same issue and you need to know How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052, then read this blog till the end.

Superior built quality, user-friendly interface, ink-saving methodologies, etc. are the few core strengths of Canon Printers. These machines are proficient to perform multiple functions like printing, scanning, faxing, etc. in one go. Now, imagine a situation when you immediately need to print an important file and the printer refuses to print. Scary right? If you can relate to this situation and you want to know the Easy Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052, then you have reached the right place.How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

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Reasons behind Canon Printer Error Code U052

Errors are common, especially with printers. But if in case you are constantly getting the error code U052 displayed on your printer display screen, then there are a lot of things that can be blamed for. Before we move on to How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052, let us find out the culprits that cause this error:

  1. Damaged ink cartridges.
  2. Driver issues.
  3. Improper installation of the printer head.
  4. Faulty printer head.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

All the Canon printer users who are facing the error code U052 with their devices can refer to this section of the blog. Here, we will teach you some easy solutions to wipe this error out and get your device in the working state:

Primary Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

The troubleshooting process to fix this error can be undertaken in two phases. One is when the printer head is installed incorrectly and the second one is when no print head is installed. So, if you are getting this error just after installing the printer head, then follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open the printer lid take out the printer head and ensure that the device stays on.
  2. By opening the lid of the printer, you will get to see the cartridge slot. Move the cartridges slot to the middle to access them easily.
  3. Now, remove the power cord or unplug the cable from the power source.
  4. Carefully remove the ink cartridges from the printer and take a clean cotton cloth to clean the print head.
  5. Remove the dust or foreign particles from the printer head.
  6. Once done, reinstall the print head and also reinsert the ink cartridges.
  7. Make sure to place the ink cartridges properly.
  8. Re-plug the power cable to the printer and the power source.
  9. Now, check whether the issues have been fixed or not by initiating a print test.

Secondary Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052

You try out this method only if the error code U052 is displayed while printing a document. It means that the print head is not correctly installed. Thus, to fix this issue, you need to reinstall the print head. Here is How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052 through this method:

  1. Open the printer lid and make sure the device is turned off.
  2. Now, besides the ink cartridges slot, carefully install the print head into the sliding rail.
  3. Make sure to check the ink cartridges carefully before installing them and also check whether they are properly installed or not.
  4. Close the printer lid and replug the printer to an active power source.
  5. Switch on the Canon Printer and start a print test to check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

So, this is How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U052. You can follow the given methods and steps to wipe out this error and bring back your Canon Printer into the working state. We hope you liked this write-up and if you need the experts to handle your query, then dial 800-742-9005 or send us your query via email at 

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