How to Fix the Epson Error 034004 Printer Problem?

How to Fix the Epson Error 034004 Printer Problem?

Epson printers are known for being reliable and packed with features. But when they hit a snag and show errors, it can be confusing for regular users. One common issue is the Epson error 034004, which stops your printer from working correctly. How can you fix it?

The root cause of this error is in a paper jam or an issue with the sensor. If these are not the causes, then the problem lies in the spooler service, printer drivers, and cartridges.

How Do I Fix Error Code 034004 Epson?

To fix Epson error 034004, do these steps: clear any paper jams, put in the sensor, and check for other hardware problems. Follow these instructions carefully.

1. Clear the Paper Jam

You can fix Epson error 03004 by clearing the paper jam.

Cancel print jobs from your system.

Remove the jammed paper bits from the output tray. Also, remove papers from the sheet feeder.

Press ‘Start’ to print.

If the printer does not print, turn it off.

Raise the unit of the scanner and take out the jammed paper from under it.

Now, put the scanner unit in place and hit the power button.

Turn on your Epson printer.

Follow the correct way of loading paper.

2. Fix the Phantom Paper Jam Epson Error

One big reason for getting Epson error 034004, other than paper jams, is something called a phantom jam. It’s when your printer says there’s a paper jam, but there really isn’t one. To solve this issue, just do these steps.

Remove the paper roller from the printer’s back. Papers can get stuck on the roller so you need to pull them out.

Now, using a flashlight, take a peek into the paper feeder. Some broken pieces of paper can be found easily with a flashlight.

Take a sticky tape and stick it on the paper to take it out.

Now, give a test print command.

This will resolve Epson 8550 error 034004 easily.

3. Replace the Lever for the PE Sensor

The PE sensor lever is a tiny metal part in the printer. It’s got a screw in it. When you put paper into the printer, it pushes against this lever. That’s how the PE sensor knows there’s paper in there.

To replace the PE sensor lever, remove the scanner. After removing it, take off the cover. Now, remove the springs. You will require four springs. All of them should come with a set of five.

Remove the screw on the top. Now, slide all the things out. Insert the PE sensor lever back in its place by holding it like a pistol. Ensure that the page guard is flat. Put the long lever back on the notch and attach it to the top.

4. Begin the Print Spooler Service

Sometimes, Epson error 034004 can arise because of a glitch in the print spooler service. So, you must restart it.

Select ‘Services’ from the Start menu on your system.

Right-tap the print spooler services.

Select ‘Properties.’

Configure it to ‘Automatic.’

Now, tap ‘Start.’

Check if your Epson printer shows this error.

5. Update the Printer Driver

Old drivers can make your printer act up, showing error codes like Epson error 034004 and 000043. To fix this, you can update the printer driver either through your device manager or by visiting Epson’s official website.

The Epson Software Updater also lets you update your printer. You can download it from the website and then use it to update the driver.

How do I Reset my Epson Ink Cartridge for Free to Fix Epson Error Code E01
Use an automated cleaning cycle

Most new Epson printers have a self-cleaning feature you can use from the control panel. It clears out any dried ink or dirt in the ink cartridges and usually fixes the problem.

Clean the ink cartridge contacts

Sure! If your printer doesn’t clean itself automatically, you can clean the ink cartridge contacts on your own. Just take out the cartridge that’s causing trouble. Then, use a cotton swab dipped in distilled water to wipe away any dirt or dried ink on the contacts. Put the cartridge back in and see if that fixes the problem.

Use canned air to clean the printhead nozzles

If your printer still isn’t recognizing the ink cartridge after trying both of the above methods, there may be something blocking the printhead nozzles. To clean them, first, remove any affected cartridges from your printer. Then, use canned air to blow away any dust or debris that may be blocking the nozzles.

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