How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer

How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer

How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer

It has somehow resulted in the reduction of the use of computer devices for the process of printing. The thoughts of many Android phones user for the printing process is How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer?

The need for printing documents is a necessity for many reasons now. The reliability of desktops for the printing process currently is the least since Epson offered a step of printing documents through Android phones. These are cost-effective and provide plenty of service to the people within the use of it.

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Flexible Prints Using Android Phones

Since the discovery of smartphones, humans got access to many beneficial resources. The most common phone found among people is the Android phone. This has now become an essential part of their life as technological advancements are noticed, and people are getting diversified options from these. One of the magnificent use of Android phones is the printing of documents. Now with the accessibility of the printing option in phones getting the information printed in an emergency is quite easy.

It is not just the smartphone that has noticed the advancement but the printers too that have now approved the printer from an Android phone. The quest is How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer?

Well, this is the commonly asked question. Nowadays printing companies like Epson are making prints flexible for people with the requirement just to have good networks and the applications required for the purpose of printing.

While the phone is connected to the same WiFi network as the printer, the printers are easily available within a moment of time. This is not effective as you can just get the printed anywhere and at any time. Also, it saves the time of the person. The ratio of defaults in the process of printing with smartphone connectivity is very low. The demand for printing with the helping connection of an Epson printer and the Android Phone has increased to the maximum level.

How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer?

At your service, Tech Support Expert offers you a guide on which you can rely and have the benefiting solution of the purpose. The mentioned points below are all important and needed to be followed in order to have the results in the limited. The point to consider before starting the process is that one must have the acknowledgment of the application which is important for developing the connection between the Epson printer and the Android phone you are currently using along with the necessity of the same wifi connectivity.

Epson iPrint Application

Epson printers have launched its Epson iPrint App which is available on the Google Play store and this is the first step of How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer.

Its installation of its enable the process of printing within the phone and printer.

Connectivity of Network with Printer

The second most important part of the How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer is to check the connection of the network.

It is important that the Epson printer and the Phone are connected within the same phase of networks.

Launch Epson iPrint App

The next step for How to Print from Android Phone to Epson Printer is to launch the pointing application.

  • Go to the Epson iPrint app.
  • Click Printer is not selected.
  • Click on it to select a printer.
  • Go to Local Tab.

Note- If the printer you have is not visible, follow the steps below.

  • Tap on Manual IP.
  • Add the IP Address of the printer, and click OK.

The connectivity of this application with your smartphone will allow the type to print many items in one go. All you require is to have the same WiFi connection for the best results.

Connects Epson Printer with Wi-Fi

If you face a problem with network connectivity, here is a guide.

  • Lainch Epson iPrint App.
  • Click on Printer not Selected.
  • Tap on WiFi Direct Setup.
  • There you will find two options, a Printer with LCD screen and a Printer without LCD Screen.
  • Choose appropriately.

Follow the further steps mentioned and you are done with the network connectivity process.

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