Epson Printer Error Code 031008

Epson Printer Error Code 031008

Epson Printer Error Code 031008 – Epson Printer Error Code 031008 is one of the common error that you might face while using the Epson printers. While using a premium quality Epson printers you may never have any second thought as it provides the best printing quality. When compared with other brands Epson are listed at number one because they match the high standards. The error 031008 can occur anytime when you are printing any document. Therefore we are here to provide the permanent solution to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008.

Tech Support Expert is a well known third party company that makes sure to provide the best services to its valuable customers. Our technical services are available 24/7 and thus you can connect with us anytime. In our blog section, we always come up with the various printers errors and their solutions. Today we are here to answer the most asked question of our customers i.e, How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008? Read this blog and get your answer. 

Epson Printer Error Code 031008

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Steps to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 031008 

One of the common error with Epson printers that users usually come across is Epson Printer Error Code 03100. This error mainly occurs when the user fails to insert the ink cartridges into the printer. Further, you can also face this error during an ongoing printing process. The dust accumulation on the scanner or inside can also be the reason behind the Epson Printer Error 031008. If you are dealing with such issue then go through the effective measure to fix this issue:

Step 1: Restart your Printer 

Restart your printer can fix your many issues within no time. We always advised our customers to perform this step for sure before moving further. Follow the steps accurately:

  1. First of all, remove the power cable from the power outlet. 
  2. Then tap on the power button and hold it for a minute. 
  3. Now you need to plug in the power cable in the outlet again. 
  4. When the printer is turned on, immediately leave the power button. 
  5. To check whether the error is eradicated, take a print sample. 

Step 2 – Do a Hard Reset of the Printer 

Printer reset is a little bit complicated and includes a series of complex methods. Only if you know somewhat about the technical field you can perform it. Otherwise, the negligence from your end can ruin your printer and the entire work process. Follow the steps to reset the Epson Printer. 

  1. First of all, switch off your printer and then take out the power cord from the outlet. 
  2. After that wait for few minutes and put the plug again. 
  3. Then power on your printer and press the resume key for another 10 to 20 seconds. 
  4. Now you will see the message saying “reset the printer to its default settings” in the control panel of your device. 
  5. Tap on the Ok option and then finally release the resume key. 
  6. At last, take a sample print to check whether the issue is fixed or not. 

Step 3 – Reset the Ink Cartridges 

Ink cartridges are a significant part of any printer. It is responsible for the smooth flow of the printer. If the ink cartridges are not installed properly then you may face the Epson error 031008. Here are the steps to reset the ink cartridges: 

  1. First of all power off the printer and remove all the cables and cords that are attached. 
  2. Then open the cartridge cover and remove the ink cartridge from your device. 
  3. Now clean the ink cartridges gently with a dry cotton cloth and then reset it again. 
  4. After that tap on the reset button against all the chip contacts present on the cartridge. 
  5. Now you will see a bright red light blinking which states that strong contact is established between the cartridge and printer. 
  6. Hold the reset button and you will see a green LED light begins to blink. 
  7. Finally, this indicates the successful completion of the cartridge reset process. 

Simple Techniques to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 031008 

Follow the below-listed steps to solve the Epson Printer Error Code 031008:

  1. First of all, you need to configure the ink cartridges. Mainly the issue occurs due to low ink cartridges. Low ink cartridges are a major cause of print quality issues. Replace your ink with the new one or refill the cartridges to smoothly run your print qualities. 
  2. Then open the printhead and slide it to the left. Ensure to shut off your printer to avoid any shock or physical damage. 
  3. If you find that your printhead is blocked, the first thing to do is print a nozzle check pattern to find out which colours are affected. After that select tools and then click on the print quality report.
  4. In case any error messages appear on the print quality report. Then those error messages must be resolved. After that select Ok. 
  5. Now in the menu select settings and then click on Ok. 
  6. Then choose tools and click on Ok.  
  7. Next, select “Clean Printhead” in the tools menu and then click Ok.  

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