How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043

How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043

How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043 – Epson printers are among the most popular printer brands in the market. It is common for electronic devices to falter and show several errors. On facing these errors most people opt to consult a technician or tech support when these errors can easily be troubleshooted with a few simple steps.  Tech Support Expert has compiled this blog to help you understand How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043 in a few easy steps. This comprehensive guide will also empower you to tackle the daily technical errors by yourself without seeking any help from technicians or tech experts.

Tech Support Expert is a computer support and service provider in California working to provide enterprise software products and engineering mobile solutions to corporate organizations and all the medium and small scaled businesses. We also believe in empowering our customers and help them troubleshoot the common technical errors they may encounter in their daily life. With this comprehensive guide you can learn more about How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043 and troubleshoot the error using different techniques recommended by the tech experts. 

Common Causes of Epson Error Code 000043

The Epson Error Code 000043 commonly indicates that the ink cartridge installed in your Epson printer is incompatible with the design of your printer. To get your printer work again smoothly, you are required to identify the issue and troubleshoot it with suitable techniques. If your printer does not work even after using these techniques you shall contact the tech experts to resolve the Epson Error Code 000043. Before resolving any issues it is important to know about the possible causes that may be responsible for showing the error. The list possible causes of Epson Error Code 000043 are mentioned as follows: 

  • Wrong configuration.
  • Low ink level in the cartridge.
  • Closed printhead.
  • The cartridge is, not installed properly.
  • An inappropriate ink cartridge is installed

How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043 

The common errors like Epson Error Code 000043 can be a source of frustration and also cause delay in your work. It is not necessary to always call a technician to troubleshoot even a minor issue when it can easily be troubleshooted in a few easy steps. After identifying all the possible causes it is not difficult to resolve this Epson printer error. Go through the troubleshooting methods mentioned below to easily resolve the Epson Error Code 000043. 

Reinstall the Epson Printer’s Ink Cartridges 

For a printer to work correctly it is important to install the ink cartridges properly. If your printer is showing Epson Error Code 000043 it may be possible that it is due to incorrect installation of the ink cartridges. You can try to resolve this error by reinstalling the Epson printer’s ink cartridges. Follow the steps given below to perform this troubleshooting step: 

  • Shut down the printer by clicking on the power button
  • Unplug the printer’s cables and wires
  • Open the Epson printer’s control panel 
  • Check the availability of the ink cartridges 
  • Remove the ink cartridges and check for any damage
  • Ensure there is enough ink in the cartridge 
  • Place the  ink cartridges after cleaning back at their original location 
  • Shut the printer panel and switch on the Epson printer

Inspect the Paper Tray 

A stuck printer paper tray can also cause the Epson Error Code 000043. You need to examine the system inside your Epson Printer. If your printing paper is stuck, remove the paper gently from the paper tray without damaging the printer hardware. After removing the paper, check if your Epson printer is working fine and the issue is resolved. 

Clean the Printhead 

If nothing works you can try another step by cleaning the printhead. Follow the steps given below to clean the printhead. 

  • Start’ and choose ‘Control Panel’
  • Move to Devices and Printers in Control Panel
  • Right-click the printer manufactured by Epson icon to choose Printer Properties
  • Choose the maintenance tab 
  • Select the ‘Print Head Cleaning’ option
  • Check if test page prints correctly and without any difficulties

Restart the Epson Printer 

The last way of troubleshooting the Epson Error Code 000043 is by restarting your printer. Perform the steps given below to restart your Epson printer. 

  • Switch off the Epson printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Remove all wires and cords attached to it, including the power cord and USB cable.
  • Reconnect all wires and cords, including the power cord and USB cable, to the printer after a few minutes. 
  • Press and hold the Power button again to turn on the Epson printer.
  • Check if the problem is resolved or not.


With this blog and with the guidance of Tech Support Expert you can learn more about How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 000043. In case you are still unable to resolve the issue you ca always reach out Tech Support Expert to get more personalized guidance and tech solutions. 


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