How to fix Canon Printer Error Codes?

How to fix Canon Printer Error Codes?

How to fix Canon Printer Error codes?- Canon printers are a really reliable gadget. Once you will set up it properly, this will make you happy by giving thousands of prints for many years. This does not mean that it will work forever. Sometimes it may cause some irritating problems for your computer which may jeopardize your work. Despite, it has wonderful features, but it also faces some error issues and bugs. So, in this blog, we will help by escorting the best ways for How to fix Canon Printer Error Codes?

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How to fix Canon Printer Error Codes?

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Reasons behind the Canon Printer Error Codes

There are so many reasons which can cause an error in the processing of the printer. Mostly people face this kind of problem with their devices when their printers are not identified by the devices:

  • Ink Cartridge Issue
  • Paper Jam issue
  • Driver Issue
  • Connection Problem
  • Uninstall/ Reinstall the printer

How to fix Canon Printer Error Codes?

Canon Printers no doubt provide quality during the printing moreover they have amazing features. But it is not always that it will work without creating a problem. So, below are the Causes and solutions to the error codes faced by the people who are using Canon Printers.

Causes  Support ERROR CODE Error Code SOLUTION
Paper cannot enter the tray [1000] E02 Set the paper in the rear tray, and press the OK button.
Paper got stuck inside the printer [1300] E03 Remove the jammed paper, and press the OK button.
Paper output tray open. [1251] E03 In front part of machine, there can be any problem Remove that, if there ,press the button ok after that.
Ink cartridge not installed, or not properly installed. [1401] E05 If the ink cartridge is not installed correctly, try removing the cartridge from the printer and reinstall it.Still the error appears ,then their is problem in ink cartridge. Replace the ink cartridge.
Printer is not detecting the ink cartridge correctly [1403] E05  This issue could be due to the printer being dirty (ink overflow tray). Try cleaning the printer thoroughly and installing the cartridges again to see if this fixes the problem.
Wrong ink cartridge installed. [1485] E05 If the wrong cartridge is installed, you need to purchase the correct cartridge and install it into the printer.
Fine Cartridge not installed in the correct position [1486] E07 This usually refers to ink cartridges being installed in the wrong position and a simple check of the cartridge codes and re-installation should resolve this.
Multiple ink cartridges of the same color installed. [1487] E07 Make sure that every cartridge is installes in accurate position. Replace the ink cartridge, if the error in cartridge is stopping.
Printer fails to recognize the cartridge [1682] E15 Lift the cover of the printer, and check whether the cartridge has been placed at the right place or not.
The FINE Cartridge cannot be recognized [1684] E14 A non-supported ink cartridge is installed. Install the supported ink cartridge.
Ink in the ink cartridge is low [1686] E13 Replace the ink cartridge. Machine will get defected if there is no ink in it.If you want to continue the printing, then reset your printer for few seconds.
Ink cartridge not completely installed. [1687] E04  Remove the cartridge by retracting the output tray extension and re-insert it by pushing it the right place until it fits correctly. Shut down the printer till it gets proper in working.
No ink. [1688] E16 The perfect cure to this problem is to replace the cartridge with new and close the cover of the paper output.
The ink absorber becomes almost full. [1700] E08  If you will reset the printer for sometime it will stop the error appear on it, you can do printing.Another option is to replace the ink absorber.

Best Customer Support for Various Canon Printer Issues or Errors

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