How to Fix Canon Printer Errors and Get Your Printer Running Again

How to Fix Canon Printer Errors and Get Your Printer Running Again

Usually, printing is a one-click process and gets done in seconds. However, a few technical errors and your printer start acting up. If you own a Cannon printer and it has been showing errors, with an unknown source, the time to troubleshoot your printer has come. Tech Support Expert is a California, U.S.-based company with several branches worldwide. Our company provides enterprise software products, engineering, mobile solutions, and technical support services.  We work with a mission to provide our consumers, small offices, and home offices with affordable enterprise-level computer support and protection previously exclusive only to large enterprises. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians devoted to giving the best technical solutions for our client’s technical operations.

We have jotted down a few troubleshooting techniques to help you fix your Cannon printer errors. With the help of this guide, you will be easily able to track the root cause of errors and fix it with a few easy steps. Carefully, go through each step and assess your printer if it is having the same issue. On finding the error, meticulously follow the fixing procedure or contact a trained professional to perform the same. If you want to avail of our other services and get more information on the same issue, we are available round the clock to hear out your queries. Reach us at the contact information given below:

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How to Fix Canon Printer Errors and Get Your Printer Running Again

Cannon Printer Errors

How to identify errors in your Cannon Printer and get them fixed? 

If your printer is lagging or not following the printing command, there is a technical error at the root. We have enlisted a few common printer errors and how you can approach them. These errors are written around the Cannon printer but can also be true for other printers with similar prototypes. Many times these errors can be fixed with little background knowledge  of printers and do not require intervention from any trained professional. This list comprise all the commonly seen errors in Cannon Printers along steps to fix them. Go through the list to find out what’s wrong with your Cannon Printer:

Anomaly in printer cartridges

One of the most common causes of error is an anomaly in a printer cartridge (a small container of ink for use in a printer). Either the cartridge has run out of ink or you have attached the wrong cartridge which is causing the error in printing. Sometimes a mistake in setting up the cartridge is also responsible for the error. Carefully examine your printer cartridge to assess if it’s what causing the error. On finding the problem with the cartridge do the following steps to fix your printer:

  • Replace the ink cartridge
  • Attach a genuine cannon printing cartridge
  • Contact Cannon Support code at 5100
  • Reset the cartridge setup

Problem with the print head

Over time dirt and dust get accumulated on the printer and block the print head. This hinders the proper functioning of the printer, thereby causing the problem in printing. You can fix this problem by either commanding the printer to clean it or by manually washing the print head. To start in-print cleaning of the print head follow the given instructions:

  • Open the paper output tray
  • Choose the installation option
  • Click on the device icon
  • Choose the Maintenance menu from the toolbox
  • Click on “Deep Cleaning” from the Maintenance menu
  • Press Yes and then OK.
  • Printer will commence the cleaning process.

Reset your Default printer setting

If you have not set your canon printer as your default, it will not recognize printing commands. If you identify this issue in your printer, follow the given instructions to get your printer working:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Move to Devices and Printers
  • If Canon printer is not set as the default, right-click on the Canon printer and click Set as default.
  • Ensure that your printer appears with a green checkmark on the screen

Check Printer Firmware

Sometimes malfunctions in firmware can stop the working printer. Disable your firmware and firewall to check if that’s what causing the issue. Once you have disabled the firmware, check if your printer is working. If the printer is working, the problem was with the firmware. However, reinstall the firewall as soon as possible as it is not safe to do so.

Clear the Printer Queue

If the printing job gets stuck in a printer queue, the printer does not work correctly. Check if your printing job is stuck in the printer queue and follow the given instructions to get it unstuck:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Type msc in the search bar and click enter
  • Scroll to Print Spooler and right-click. Click on Stop
  • Move to “Run,” type “Spool,” and hit Enter
  • Open the “Printers” folder
  • Delete everything in the folder
  • Move to the services window, right-click printer spooler, and choose “Start.”
  • Try reprinting your job

Connectivity of Printer

If your printer is not connected to a data connection, it will not take any printing commands. This is common in a situation where the device and printer are connected to two separate connections. To enable the internet on your cannon printer follow the given steps:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Move to “Devices and Printers”
  • Locate your Canon printer and right-click on it.
  • Choose “See what’s printing.”
  • Go to “Use printer offline” and make sure it has not been selected
  • If it shows a check mark, click on it to change the setting to online


It is usual to encounter minor technical errors in canon printers. However, these errors can be solved easily if you are aware of the technical nuances of the printer. Through this guide, we have covered commonly seen errors in Cannon printers. If your printer shows an error that is out of the scope of this guide, feel free to reach Tech Support Expert at +800-742-9005 or drop an email at We are available 24*7 to hear out all your queries and concerns.

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