How to solve error code 5156,61 on Canon printers

How to solve error code 5156,61 on Canon printers

Error Code 5156,61 on Canon printers is  generally occurred problem and can be easily solved. Canon Company leads the world in the sector of imaging technology they create lively images by using latest imaginary technology. This company has many branches in different countries and that is why they make all most everything related to image making products. So they also make latest printer as the present operating system wants. But we are here to discuss the error code 5156,61 which Canon printer generates.

How to solve error code 5156,61 on Canon printers

Now here is the question why is problem occurred on the printer? Because if anything happening there must be the good reason behind it so if you are facing this error there should be a reason. And we are writing this blog blog to make you understand what is the problem behind this error and how to solve the error code 5156,61. This error generally occurs due to the shortage or problem with the ink in the ink cartridges. These are the few tip and trick which can help you out with the error code 5156,61 on canon printer.

Look into Ink Cartridges

As we told you error code 5156,61 can be generates on Canon Printer due to having problem with ink cartridges. That is why the first step from your side should be check out Ink Cartridges. How to check out the problem with Ink Cartridge we are here to help you out with that. These are the some simple steps which you have to just follow.

  1. First step is open the printer’s cover to check whether the cartridges is seated properly or not.
  2. In any case if you find out the Cartridges is loosen or inserted wrongly remove it.
  3. Now the last step with this process is reinsert the cartridges in a proper way.

Clean the Contact

In the field of technology if the commands or instructions are given to the system is in not clear then it generally shows error. So this error code 5156,61 on printer can be occur because of not having proper communication because of Ink residue on the surface of Ink cartridges. To deal with this problem you just have to follow this instruction.

  1. Switch of the power supply on the printer and remove wire from power source.
  2. Now take out the Ink Cartridges and remove electrical contact from the both of cartridges.
  3. Clean it with a soft or cotton clothes which must little bit moist with distill water.
  4. Now let it dry for sometime
  5. After that insert the cartridge in the printer and give the power supply and switch on the printer to check whether this error code resolved or not.

Reset the Printer’s System

Sometimes error code 5156,61 on Canon Printer can be a temporary which can be easily solve just resetting the printer setting and this kind of trick you are using in daily it is just like resetting you mobile you can reset your Canon Printer’s system. These are the some steps which help you out while resetting you canon printer’s system.

  1. Cut the power supply of printer from the main source and remove the electric supply to
  2. Let the system reset itself for few minutes.
  3. Now plug in the power supply and switch on the system to check out where it is working or not.

Update latest available Firmware for your printer

There is always have a new update on the smart device for rectifying there error code. This may possible this error code 5156,61 on printer is showing because of not having new update for your system and if you update your system to the time this issue can be resolve.  This is how you can update firmware to your system. Go to the official website of canon and download and install the available firmware according to their instruction. This way is generally solve the unknown errors

Use new Ink Cartridges instead old one

Sometimes error code 5156,61 on canon printer happens because of using Ink cartridges for very long time. Even Human life have an expiry date then why cannot Ink cartridges have one. We all know about metal fatigue and Ink Cartridges can suffer with same fate. If your Ink Cartridges is suffering with this fate then give some rest to your old Ink Cartridge by installing new one. This is how you can do that by following these simple steps.

  1. Check out the model number of your printer’s model number.
  2. Purchase it from the verified store of Canon.
  3. Now after removing the old one re install the old one in your canon printer.

Contact Canon Support Service

If you are still facing this error code 5156,61 on printer then the resource to solve your problem is to contact officials. For that you can visit the official site of canon and tell them about your problem, they can provide you solution for this problem at least they can instruct you what to do.




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