HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology for 3D Printing Solutions

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology for 3D Printing Solutions

HP announced to make the leap into the third dimension.

HP said , We will be releasing two industrial 3D printers, will produce objects ten times faster and half as expensively just as any similar printer on the market.

The two printers, called the Jet Fusion 3200 and 4200, will be “commercial grade” machines that it can print ready to use products, HP’s head of 3D printing.

From HP Official Blog

When we announced the world’s first production-ready 3D printing systems less than six months ago, we said that not even a Fortune 100 company like HP can bring about a new industrial revolution on its own. It’s going to take multiple major players.

We also said the 3D revolution would not begin until the focus shifted from prototyping to large-scale production and manufacturing. Our HP Jet Fusion 3D Solutions, which will ship to customers by the end of this year, are still the only production-ready 3D printers with the speed, quality, cost and economics needed to compel an industry shift away from traditional assembly-line manufacturing. The recent moves by GE, and by the alliance of SAP and UPS, are consistent with how we view the future evolution of the 3D industry.

We’ve said from the beginning that our long-term vision is to participate in all major areas of 3D printing, and right now our focus is to be the leader in plastics for prototyping and production. By opening our platform to our growing partner ecosystem, we accelerate our ability as a solutions provider to offer new materials, software, and services.



3D printing will be a hot topic at the event, as it is finally coming of age and beginning to disrupt the industry – from design and development to production. Why? Because newer systems have come along that are capable of producing superior quality physical parts up to 10 times faster and at half the cost of other current 3D printers. It’s a huge leap in capabilities and one that has spurred massive manufacturing interest in the technology. Indeed, more than half of manufacturers surveyed by PwC and the Manufacturing Institute expect 3D printing to achieve high-volume production in three to five years.

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