How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error

How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error

How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error– Regular use of the printers offers trouble. One such error that is faced by the user of the regular terms is the “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

If you are facing trouble with the occurrence of this and looking for a solution on how to fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error, we are here at your rescue.

Tech Support Experts, Certified technology experts of printers, computers, and many other devices in the field offer the best and the most prominent solution for How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error- Tech Support Expert

This tutorial will help in acknowledging the root cause of the errors and thereby you can then reduce the causes of its occurrence. Solving this with the contents mentioned will require no help from the technician which states that this “Printer Status Unknown” Error can be resolved independently without spending even a single penny.

What States HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error?

The question of how to fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error might pop up when the computer displays the notification stating “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

Its presence is noticed when no activity as per the command is observed. Under the condition, the printer is either still or is offline.

The users in this case are either advised to wake the printer or switch it on again until the networks are backed or if the trick doesn’t work the effective solution is to follow up on the troubleshooting process.

Here are some causes that justify the presence of How Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error. These are the potential reasons for the occurrence of this Printer Status Unknown Error.

  • The printer’s power might be off.
  • The connection between the printer and the computer is interrupted.
  • If the printer driver is facing a problem, the occurrence might be noticed.
  • The standby mode of the printer can cause this error too.
  • Sometimes the printer might experience the automatic sleep mode which may cause the disturbance.
  • Damage to the USB can also cause this error.
  • When the printer loses its communication with the computer, the error is noticed.

How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error

Let us now acknowledge How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error. Here we are mentioning some points that are necessary and required to follow while fixing this error.

Restart the Printer

Restarting the prints is the first step of How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

To restart, follow the mentioned steps.

  • Switch off the printer from the main power button.
  • Remove the connected wires of the printer and the computer.
  • Wait for some time before you restart the printer again.

Reset the Printer

For this step of How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error, the guide is mentioned below.

Go to the Start menu, click Settings, and open Apps.


Visit the HP Smart app and click Advanced options.

How to Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error

Here you will find the Rest button, click on it.

How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

  • When the procedure of Restart is computed simply open the HP printer app again.
  • This will possibly resolve the question of How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error.
  • Click on the printer’s setup and it is done.

Check for the Software Issues

If the errors of the printer are not resolved, you are required to check the Software upgrade. This might be with the solution of the How To Fix HP “Printer Status Unknown” Error.

If you do not have the latest version of the software, install it.

For Window’s

  • Go to the Devices and Printers> control panel.
  • Look for the HP printer and right-click on it.
  • Under the General tab, you will find Properties, click on it.
  • Click on Print Test Page.

With you, you can detect if the software you are using is updated or not.

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