HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline

HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline

HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline – HP is the leading gadget company worldwide. The company manufactures printer and other devices also. Printers are the most important gadget for home and professional workplace. For improving performances and usability the company addons additional features like wifi connectivity, wireless connections etc. The Printer makes work smooth and easy. But sometimes technical failures also occur while using such devices. Now in this blog, we will discuss the issue on HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline.

HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline is a very common issue while using wireless printers. Unsupported files, wrong updations stop the process which is the main reason for the offline problem. To resolve this issue a tech expert guidance is very important. A highly expert person can resolve this issue by easy steps and this saves both time and money. HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline

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Why HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline issue Occur?

This issue comes up when some unwanted files or new updations take place. Here are some reasons behind it-

  • When you are running your computer or laptop on Windows 8.
  • The driver that you are using is an in-operating system, which starts installing at the moment when the Windows detects the device.
  • Your printer is connected by using a wireless or wired network.

Solutions for HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Shows Offline Problem

Here in this section, we are sharing some steps to resolve this offline issue in the easy way out. So that your work did not suffer more. Here are the useful tips-

  • Firstly, please make sure that the printer and the computer connected to the same wireless network.
  • Now  Open the Start menu, click on the control panel and tab on the “Printers and Faxes” icon. This will open a window with a list of the printers currently set up on your computer.

  • After that, Double-click on the printer icon which you want to change to online. A pop-up window detailing all current print jobs will open.

  • Then Go to “Printer” in the menu bar of the pop-up window and uncheck “Use Printer Offline.” This action will change the printer status from offline to online.

This is a very simple method for changing the offline status to online. In case if you face the same problem we have an alternate method also you can try both.

Alternate Method to Resolve HP Printer Offline Problem

In this method uninstall you should uninstall the printer driver and download again from the official HP Printer site according to the operating system. Here we will elaborate in detailed view-

  • Prior to the installation of the full feature driver, Uninstall all previous drivers.
  • For that go to the start menu and right click on it. afterwards, go to the search bar and click on it and type devices and printers.
  • Now click on devices and printers.
  • Then click on your printer’s icon and right click on it. After that, select to remove the device.
  • Now go to the official HP Printer website and navigate the wireless printer support software.
  • Check the software and download it
  • The downloading process will take a few minutes.
  • After the download process complete, Install the full driver files and Run the process
  • Now again connect to the wireless network and you can see the offline issues resolved.

If the issue remains the same then take the expert help to resolve this problem.

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