How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings

How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings

How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings- Errors in technical devices are very common. Many times, while working on printers sometimes printer behaves strangely and user may not able to figure it out. So this hamper their work. As many users ask for How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings. Well, this is not a very difficult task which can’t resolved.  To make your Hp Printer working accurately, an expert advice is important. A professional tech geek will share you the easiest way to fix all these issues.

Hp Printers are the one of the hi-tech machinery with highly built softwares. Sometimes technical failiure is common with these devices. As many printer users encouter with printer Factory Settings and users ask How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings. To help them our company Tech Support Expert provide its professional on-call assistance to fix those time-consuming bugs.

How To Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings

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Method To Reset HP Wireless Printer Factory Settings

In this section, we will discuss easy ways to reset the Hp printer factory settings. Following are the steps:-

  • Firstly, turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Secondly, Remove the USB cables.
  • Press the printer power button and hold it for about 30 seconds.
  • Now, Plug the power cable into the wall outlet and then plug in again the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn On the Hp printer and Install HP printer software.

Install HP Printer Software and Print Drive

After the printer factory setting, install your hp printer compatibale softwares to make your printer working. Following are the steps:-

  • Go to the hp Printer official website and in the serach bar type your device details and search the software.
  • Now, click on the Download button on your software.
  • Once the software downloads open HP Easy Start.
  • Click on the Setup and accept all Terms and Conditions to proceed.
  • On the Prepare screen, tap on Continue.
  • After, go to printer’s control panel and ensure that the power button light is ON.
  • On the Connect screen, choose HP printer and tap on Continue.
  • The Connect screen will display your printer and wireless network SSID with a unite button.
  • If the network name is correct, click Join. In case, the network name is incorrect, then manually click on the network name tab and choose the correct network from the list and tap on Join.
  • You can see, your PC will temporarily disconnected from the wireless network while the connection is being set.
  • When HP Easy begin asks you to entry the selected wireless network, click authorize. This will help recover the password for your wireless network and use it to connect your printer.
  • Once the wireless network password is approved, HP Easy Start will set up your wireless printer and join it to the network.
  • Follow the onscreen details to reach the installation screen.
  • Select all the software you want to install and click Continue.
  • Address to all the setup screens until you reach Enable Printing screen.
  • Now click on Add Printer to establish a print queue.
  • On the Add window screen, choose the name of your printer and click Add.
  • Finally, Test a Page to confirm if the printer has been set up correctly.

The above following is the simlest way to Reset HP Wireless Printer Password & Factory Settings. All the above steps are pre-perfromed by our team. In case if you encounter with any difficulty then do not hesitate and connect to one of our expert. We will respond you immidiately and help you out.

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