How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343?

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343?

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343? – HP is one of the most renowed company that manufacture high-end printers from injket to laser and wireless. They have earned the goodwill of providing great quality printers experience from personal users to commercial areas across the world. Despite of having soo manu features the user may face the errors while working on it, after all printers are the electronic device. Today in this blog we are here to provide the realible solution on How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343?

Printers being a machine can make your work suffer manytime by showing errors. But when you are HP printer user then in that case almost all the errors have been identified and codified. Tech Support Expert is the popular tech company known for its easy and simple solution. The highly skilled and multi-talented team of our company has the solution of all your printer problems. We are providing 24/7 customer support services. If you are searching for the step by step guide on How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343? then you are at right platform. 

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343?If you are facing the same error on your printer then insted of rusing to a local store, call us at our toll-free number 800-742-9005. You can also send us a mail at Our team of members are always available to respond to your printer problems. 

Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343

Printers are the amazing device as they assist us in getting everything print in best quality by sitting at our place. In the market there are several print brands, one of the most trusted and loved brand is HP. Most of the printers  users don’t have a technical knwoledge and that is why they are not able to solve the errors. If you are the one then follow our steps given below to resolve HP Printer Error Code oxc4eb9343:

Solution 1: Reset the Ink Cartridges 

  1. First of all you should remove and reset the ink cartridges from your HP printer 
  2. Check the hardware configuration and try to resolve in the most efficient manner so that no hardware problem can hamper the troubleshooting you are undergoing. 

Solution 2: Clean the Ink Cartridges Contacts and Vents

In case the ink has leaked inside the printer then you have to clean it. As such the ink built up inside the printer may cause the error. Clean the ink cartridges with a clean and lint free cloth, dry cotton swab, distilled water and a pin. 

Follow the steps to clena the vents and contacts

  • The first thing you need to do is turn on the printer
  • Now open the access door where the ink cartridge is placed.
  • You need to press the button on front of the cartridge and release it for removing the ink cartridges. 
  • Then, place this cartridge on a clean peice of paper with the ink filling points facing up. 
  • Afterwards located the vents located on the top of cartridge. 
  • Now use the lint free cloth to clean any ink accumulated on the copper contacts.
  • Carefully reinstall the ink cartridges on the cabinet .
  • In order to see that none of them protrudes run the finger on the top of the cartridge. In case they do press them down firmly so that it installs properly. 
  • At last close the cabinet and check for the error message on the control panel. 

Solution 2: Power Process

  1. Firstly turn on the printer and unplug all the wires connected to it. You must disconnect the connection from the wall outlet too. 
  2. Then, remove the USB cable of the printer and wait for 3 mintues. After that long press the power button for 30 seconds. 
  3. Now re-plug in the power supply cord with the wall outlet and then connect it to printer directly, without using any extension cord and turn on the printer. Wait for moment until and unless the printer warms up. By following these steps hopefully the error Code oxc4eb9343 will be eliminated. 

Step 3: Re-install the Ink Cartridges 

  • In this process you have to re-insert the ink cartridges one again and check whether the error is still apperaing on the panel or not. If you didn’t see the error then consider that error Code oxc4eb9343 has been resolved.

Online HP Printer Tech Support 

In case neither of the above solutions seem to work, then you can get in touch with our team of experts who will make sure that your printer problem is solved within no time. Tech Support Expert are charging you quite affordable prices so you don’t have to worry it. Our team is skilled and certified technicians who are always a step forward to lend a helping hands to users. You can call our experts at 800-742-9005 directly for resolving the code oxc4eb9343 error from your printer. 

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