How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98 – Every big organization as well as a person needs a reliable printer that works smoothly with gratifying experience for various work reasons like printing documents, scanning, etc. And looking at the needs HP, an authentic and the most trusted printer manufacturing company introduced their printer with all-new features, and enhanced user experience. As a result, the printer of this company is using worldwide but due to some external reasons, many users face error code 0x00759c98 while using printing services and they don’t know how to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98.

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98

If you are also a victim facing the same or the error has manifested and you are confused then there is no need to worry about the same. As Tech Support Expert is here to help you out with this error code 0x00759c98. We are an authentic firm providing help for every tech-related issues, problems, infections, system crashes, etc., to our huge clientele across the country and globally also. Let’s dive deep to know how to fix HP Printer error code 0x00759c98.

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Causes Behind HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98

As we stated above that the printers of HP are fantastic and used by many people. They provide high-printing speed along with quality printing services. With the advanced features, the company has introduced new technologies of printing such as wireless printing, etc., to the world, also it has enhanced the user experience. But users complain that it often ends up showing errors such as Error Code 0x00759c98, it is a very common error that manifests due to the following reason:-

  • Due to corrupt registry issues in the system.
  • Hard disk failure problems.
  • Gradual wear and tear of the printer.
  • If doing an unsuccessful installation of software.
  • Misconfigured system files, etc.

Thus, these are some reasons for occurring Error Code 0x00759c98, if you are also facing this error due to any reason then let’s move to the steps to fix this Error Code 0x00759c98.

Accurate Steps to fix Error Code 0x00759c98

While working on the HP printer, an alphanumeric number like Error Code 0x00759c98 manifests that stop printing services and can ruin the whole day fixing the same issue. Instead of getting irritated or annoyed, do fix the error Error Code 0x00759c98 on your own by the following below-mentioned precise steps.

Here are the steps to fix Error Code 0x00759c98:-

Reset the printer

The first thing you have to do is reset your HP Printer by following the below steps.

  1. Turn the printer “ON”.
  2. When your printer is idle and silent then continue further.
  3. Disconnect all the connected cable and cords from the rear of the printer except the power cord.
  4. Take out the ink cartridge from the printer.
  5. Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet and the rear of the printer with the printer turned on.
  6. Wait for at least 60 seconds.
  7. Plug back the power cord into the wall outlet and to the rear of the printer.
  8. Turn on the printer.

It can resolve your HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98 if the error persists then move to the further steps.

Make Changes to the Corrupt Registry Keys

  • Firstly, locate the search box in the start menu.
  • Type the “Regedit” command in the search box.
  • To get access to the “Registry Editor” option, hit the enter button.
  • Registry Editor comprises two panes, and the left pane is to navigate on the appropriate registry keys easily.
  • Double-click on the value with the left mouse button or there is an alternate option to this where users can simply work with the “Edit” menu to edit the chosen value appearing in the windows screen. And you have to click on the “OK” button now and follow the same pattern as done earlier.

Update the HP Printer Driver

    • First of all, ensure that you have a fast running speed PC, and update all the needed HP Printer driver. And then you follow the below steps to update all drivers.
    • Open the Manage option by clicking right on the computer icon.
    • Locate and click on the “Device Manager” and a computer management window will appear.
    • Now select the “Update Driver Software.”
    • Right-click on the driver that needs to be updated and a new window will pop-up.
    • You need to select the “Search Automatically for updated driver software.”
    • And after doing so, click on the “OK” option, and drivers will be updated by the system automatically.

Follow the above mentioned-steps as instructed to fix HP Printer Error Code 0x00759c98. We hope you will be able to resolve the same following these accurately and precisely instructed steps.

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