My HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan

My HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan

My HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan- Printers are the most important device. All type of document work totally depends on Printers like printing, scan copies, etc. Globally, there are various kind of Printer manufacturer companies available which produces printers. Well, among all exisiting printer manufacturers Hp is the finest printer producer corporation. Hp offer a vast range of printers with higly built quality. Well, while working on printers, many users raise queries for My HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan. This is not a big issue but to fix it, an expert advice is important. In this we will help you with this problem.

For techical help always ask for expert advice. As billion of printer users available and while working on it minor, major issues occurance is common. Many users encouter with My HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan. So our company, Tech Support Expert provide professional assistance to fix this issues. Our highly qualified team will assist you and fix your technical glithces.

My HP Deskjet Printer Won't Scan

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Method to Fix HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan Issue

The main causes for these problems are various and sometimes hard to identify. But we have possible solutions that have helped people resolve the same issue. 

Step: 1  Check the Connection Issue

To use your printer,  Make sure that your printer is powered on in the first place. Then you should check the connection issue. If you are using a USB printer, check the USB ports and USB cables to ensure it works properly. It is important that your printer connects to your computer under the Internet. In addition, if you’re using VPN connection in your PC, try disconnecting VPN from your device and scan it again. If you have checked and still facing issue then we will try some other way.\

Step: 2 Reset Your Hp Printer

Turning the printer off and back on can also fix scanning and printing issues. This activity known as power cycling, which can reinitialize a scanner’s configuration parameters. Switch off the printer and unplug its cable. Then plug in again and turn it on about 10 to 20 minutes later.

Step: 3 Reinstall the HP Printer Software

Installting printer software is one of the best solution to fix HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan issue. Ensure that you use the latest Hp printer drivers. Here are the steps to install it:-

  • Click on the start button and Open RUN
  • In the RUN search bar type ‘appwiz.cpl’  and select OK
  • Now, choose the HP printer software listed on the Programs and Features Control Panel list
  • Now uninstall the option by clicking Yes
  • Restart your system after uninstalling the HP printer software
  • In this step you require to eliminate the printer from Printers & Scanners list in Settings.
  • Open Cortana by pressing Win+Q key together.
  • Enter, printers’ in the search box and click Printers & scanners to open the window
  • Choose the printer, and click its Remove device button. 
  • Go through the on-screen tips to eradicate the printer.
  • Click Printer to open a search box. Input the required model in the search box, and press Submit button.
  • Now, you can see a software and driver page will open for the printer. So, Click Change on that page to select a 64 or 32-bit Windows 10 version on the drop-down menu, and tap on the Change button
  • Click Download to install the full feature driver and software package for the printer.
  • Open the folder the driver and software package to download and install it.

Step: 4 Run a System File Checker Scan

Corrupted system files can also be a reason for scanning errors. So run System file checker to check for corrupted files. Here are the steps:-

  • Firstly, Press Win + X keys together
  • Now, Click on the Command Prompt (Admin) to launch the Prompt.
  • Enter ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth’ and press Return before initiating an SFC scan.
  • Thereafter, write ‘sfc /scannow’ in the Command Prompt and press Enter.
  • The scan activity make took few minutes so be patience.
  • When the sccan completes, restart your PC

The above solutions can potentially fix your HP Deskjet Printer Won’t Scan issue.  In case if you face any  difficulty in mid of the process immidiately contact to us.

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