How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer?

How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer?

How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer? – HP is a leader in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products covering laptops, printers, desktops, and computer accessories. Its printer models have been highly renowned for offering the world advanced printing solutions using advanced technology. HP printers are available in various models to fulfil the requirements of home and business PC users. If while using HP printer you come across with an unknown 50.4 error then don’t get panic just remember Tech Support Expert. We have a complete guide and easy steps on How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer?

Inkjet, LaserJet and All-in-one are the best models of HP printer that one can choose as per the requirement. Despite soo, many advanced features and perfection in manufacturing, HP printer show errors. Fortunately, companies like Tech Support Expert exists and providing the best customer support services at affordable rates. We have a technical and certified team of experts who make sure to provide the best online assistance regarding How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer? The error 50.4 is due to the issue with the power on the printer. 

How to Fix 50.4 Error in HP Printer?

For any further detail regarding our company and its HP printer services give a call at our toll-free number 800-742-9005. You can even drop us a mail at Our team members will respond to your queries as soon as possible. 

How to Solve 50.4 Fuser Error in HP Printer?

This error is slightly different from other fuser errors and occurs majorly due to driving circuit failure. It is not that difficult to solve. By following our methods and steps you can fix 50.4 error in a few minutes. Follow the below-listed methods manually:

Method 1 – Restart Printer and Clean it 

50.2 is a fuser error which is heated up inside the printer. To fix this error first you have to switch off the power and then on it again. By doing the restart process your printer temperature level gets normal and sometime the problem fixed by simply doing this. We always recommend you to inspect the printers inside at deep level, because some issues may also generate heat inside the printer. If any stuck paper is found inside the printer then remove it. Also, clean the clogged ink to make your printer work smoothly. 

Method 2 Check Power Source 

To resolve 50.4 error in HP printer it is required to check your power source because it also causes heat up. The plug of the printer should not be loose or broken from anywhere as it has to transfer a huge volume of power to printing devices. And any problem in power cable may also cause heat up. 

Method 3 – Inspect Environment of HP Printer 

Ensure that the printer is not in an incredibly cool location. In addition to this if you relocate the device from the outdoors make sure you enable a couple of hours to allow the machine warm up to its new atmosphere. 

Method 4 – Change the Fuser 

Check your connections on the fuser unit, remove the fusing assembly and also reset it. Try once more. In case all the methods listed above cannot fix your machine then it is best to change the fuser. 

Connect with Expert IT Technicians for HP Printer Error

Well, if you have got the positive results by following the above steps then you are all set to do printing on your HP printer. And if you not familiar with common printing terms and not able to perform the steps then without any hesitation approach the team of Tech Support Expert. We are just a call or click away from you.

Yes, you read it right you can connect with us via Live chat portal and get the solution for your HP printer error by sitting at your place. If you want to have a long conversation and want to know about the solutions in detail then give us a call at our toll-free number 800-742-9005. Along with step-by-step solutions we are also providing you with the complete guide on advanced functions and features of HP printer. 

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