How to Connect My HP Printer to Alexa

How to Connect My HP Printer to Alexa

How to Connect My HP Printer to Alexa – HP Printers are the most reliable printers that provide the most efficient and smooth printing services along with humiliated user experiences. The users say that they don’t get any trouble while using the printers, and it is stated that getting an error in HP Printers is rare in the rarest chances. And now there is a new option arrived the market of connecting your HP Printer to Alexa. The Alexa is a smart assistance AI which is must to have device for smart homes.

Therefore, the combination of both these devices is wonderful and can enhance your user experience dramatically. But many users don’t know how to connect my HP Printer to Alexa. Well, it’s not a tough task but many newbie users have asked our experts that they are unable to connect their HP printer to Alexa and can’t enjoy printing services through Alexa. So if you are willing to know the accurate process of connecting an HP printer to Alexa then keep reading the blog by our well-qualified, and experienced experts.

How to Connect My HP Printer to Alexa

But before delving deep into the blog, we will know about the printing skills of Alexa. The Alexa device can print out pre-programmed sheets like coloring pages, shopping lists, etc. And more functions are on the way, therefore Alexa is becoming more advanced day by day. Until then, Let’s walk through the most precise Steps to Connect My HP Printer to Alexa. But if you are willing to get every subtle detail about the service then you can make contact with our expert without any hesitation.

If you are wishing to make contact with our professionals then you can dial our toll-free number 800-742-9005, Or even you can write an email at our registered email without any stoppage.

Precise Steps to Connect HP Printer to Alexa

Alexa and HP Printer work very smoothly but before connecting your HP Printer printer there some things that need to be considered such as your printer and Alexa device are on the same wireless network. And in case they are not, your printer won’t be able to communicate and print any command. Further compatibility also matters! If you are printer isn’t compatible with your printer then you can’t enjoy voice-command printing services. And to know the compatibility of your device you make contact with us!

Steps to Connect HP Printer to Alexa with if having an HP account:

  • The first thing you need to do is, download and install the Alexa app on your mobile device or sign in to the account using your PC.
  • Open Alexa Sills on your app by tapping the Menu icon, and then tap skills and games.
  • If you are using a Computer then follow the below-mentioned steps:
    • Look for the drop-down menu, (usually next to the search bar).
    • Select Alexa Skills,
    • Hit enter.
  • Select HP Printer from the skills list.
  • Click “enable to use”, and save the permissions to access your Alexa lists.
  • Check “I agree”, and then click HP account.
  • Now follow the prompt to sign in using your HP account credentials.
  • Use your desired printer by clicking on connect.

Your printer is now ready to print with your Alexa device. You can rock with the combination!

Steps to connect HP Printer to Alexa in case you don’t: have HP account

Step 1:  Get your printer code 

  • Get the printer code by connecting the printer to the web.
  • Add your printer and set up your HP account.
  • Create an HP account by visiting HP smart website.
  • Now, click on create an account and then follow the prompts.
  • Type the printer code and then click add on your HP Smart home page.

Step 2: Enable the HP Printer Skill

  • Enable the HP Printer skill using your mobile device or computer,
  • Install the Alexa App on your mobile device or sign in to your Computer.
  • Tap the Menu icon to open the Alexa skills in your Alexa app.
  • Tap Skills and games.
  • If you are using a computer then Open the drop-down menu next to the search bar>Select Alexa Skills>Hit enter.
  • Select “enable to use”, and then save the permissions.
  • Choose “I agree”, in the check box.
  • Now follow the prompt to sign in using your HP account details.
  • Click on connect to print through the Alexa device.

Now your printer is ready to print through the Alexa device. And in case you are unable to connect your HP Printer with your Alexa device then you don’t need to be worried as our experts are working round the clock to provide the most proficient solutions. You can make contact with us through our toll-free number 800-742-9005, Or you can also drop an email at our email id regarding your query. Always choose Tech Support Expert for the most most effective and proficient solutions!


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