Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed- Printers are the most useful device in offices and for educational institute. These gadgets makes work a lot more easier. Every type of document work totally depends on Printers. In the printer segment HP is the best corporation which manufacture hi-tech featured printers. Sometimes while handling such devices issue occurance is quite common. As most of the users report for General Error 0x61011bed. This error is also known as Carriage Jam issue. To help the users in fixing HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed. We have shared few methods.

For any kind of technical help, always appraoch to the professioanls. For printers, Tech support expert is the best company which give genuine services. As many users encouter with Carriage Jam error to help the users we have shared this article. In this we will share methods to fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed. 

Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

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Methods to Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

To solve this technical error in the following section, we will discuss numerous solutions which definitely help you to fix your Carriage jam issues. Most important follow the steps as it is.

Method: 1 Reset the Printer

In this method, We will reset the printer. The steps involved are-

  • Firslty, Disconnecting all the cables without turning off the printer.
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now, plug in the cables and wait for an automatic turn-on
  • If the printer denies to turn on then press the power button and check if the Hp Printer General Error 0x61011bed has been resolved or not

Method: 2  Clean the Cartridges

Here are the steps for performing this method:-

  • Click on the power button to switch off your printer
  • Open the cover
  • Take out the cartridges slowly
  • Now, Wipe the cartridges with a soft cloth
  • Place a paper under the print head
  • Clean the print head by using damp cloth
  • Dry the print head and cartridges with soft cloth
  • After drying push the cartridges back. Insert it
  • Restart the printer to see if the error has been resolved or not.

Method: Reload the papers Again

In this method, we will reload the papers again. The steps that are taken are-

  • Make sure that you use A4 size sheets which fit to your printer paper tray
  • Now, Aligning the stack of papers
  • Keeping at least ten papers in the tray and not more than 25 papers
  • Inserting paper stack into the printer and starting with the printout.

Method: 4 Clean the Rollers

Here are the steps for this method:-

  • Firstly, turn off the printer
  • Now detach all the cables
  • Afterwars, Open the access doors for managing rollers
  • Just Clean all the rubber rollers by clean cloth
  • Lastly, Plug in the cables and start with the printing activity

Method 5 Checking Paper Settings

The steps involved are-

  • Make sure that the settings for tray and drivers are compatible.
  • Opening print document.
  • Now, click on the File icon from print options
  • Tap  on the printer properties
  • Afterward, Select the paper quality option and choose appropriate paper size from drop down
  • Click on Okay following the same with the print document.

Well, these above methods will definitely help you out to fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed. In case if you face any difficulty while performing this method then do not hesitate and direct connect with our executive. We will help you out.

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