Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008 – Microsoft’s latest version of Windows which is Windows 10 is the first choice for many users. Therefore, many users tries to upgrade their Windows to the Windows 10 as it offers advance features. Upgrading your Window to window is quite easy but sometimes due to some problematic factors in your computer you mat displayed with the Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008 on your screen. This error code will unable you from upgrading your Window to Windows 10 every time you try to upgrade it. 

Therefore, it is needed to be fix immediately, but before doing that this error also occur when your computer or current window is not able to upgrade the system. It is important to have little knowledge about the error which is making your work suffer.

Common symptoms of Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008:

There are certain errors which shows the symptoms and error code 0xC1900200 – 0x20008 is one such issues. Here are two most common error symptoms:

  • Code 0xC1900200 – 0x20008 (Code 0xC1900202 – 0x20008) is displayed while you try to upgrade a dialog box
  • System not capable to start Windows 10 Upgrade process.

If you see any of these or other symptoms in your window system about error code 0xC1900200 – 0x20008 then it definitely need to fixed because you won’t be able to complete your task. To get the windows 10 version you need to resolve the error. Our experts have put together some solutions which you can try one by one until the issue is resolved. So, without any due, lets jump into the some effective solutions to resolve Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008.

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008

Easy Solution to fix Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008

For getting the new windows version which window 10 currently, there are some requirements which your system need to complete. Firstly, make sure that your computer have the Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 version. It is important to have these version as the older version then these cannot support the upgrade to windows 10.

Make sure you have these version before upgrading your windows:

  • The latest version of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • The latest version of Microsoft Windows 8.1

Secondly,  the error many be caused due to the incapability of your computer system. You need to ensure hat your computer specification fulfill the requirements

Make sure that your computer’s system specifications meet the minimum requirements to be able to upgrade to windows 10. Given blow are the specification you need to look into your computer

Check Specification of your Computer:

  • Go the start button , click on start button then open the control panel
  • Locate system and security and open it.
  • Then click on system and you will be able to see the amount of RAM and processor speed of your system.
  • Now on the left hand side you need to look for the device manager and click on it.
  • Then choose the display adapter which will show your video cart you are using currently.
  • Now, to go the Start Button again and click on it.
  • Then click on the computer mane, it will display you the hardware size along with the space available with you.

Here are the Minimum Requirements for Windows 10

  • 1 gig of RAM for 32 bit and 2 gigs of RAM for 64 bit
  • 1 GHz or higher processor or SoC
  • Minimum of DirectX9 that has 1.0 WDDM
  • 16 GB available hard drive space for 32 bit, 20 GB for 64 bit
  • At least an 800×600 display

If your system doesn’t meet any of these requirements then you will not be able to get windows 10 version on your system. In case your PC meet all these requirements and still displaying the Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200 0x20008 0xc1900202 0x20008 then our experts will help you out.

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