ReadyBoost with a SD card or a flash drive for Windows 10

ReadyBoost with a SD card or a flash drive for Windows 10

Low memory and want upgrade to windows 10 with good performance ….

” I have a NetBook or an older PC with relatively low memory or little disk space capacity. How can I use USB stick or an SD-card to improve the working speed? ”

Are you seeking the answer for above …

If Yes , you are at right place .

Like its predecessor Windows Vista, Windows 7 provides the Windows ReadyBoost function to provide Netbooks or older PC systems with more memory.

You can use non-volatile flash memory such as current USB memory stick or SD memory cards to improve the performance of your system. This additional memory is provided as cache memory, to speed up, for example, the loading or editing of large files.

You need a USB flash drive or a memory card with a free storage capacity of at least 500 MB (one or two GB are indeed quite enough ) and a high data transfer rate.

If Windows is installed on a solid state drive (SSD), ReadyBoost can’t be used because the SSD drive is already fast and you won’t get better performance by using ReadyBoost.

Using ReadyBoost

1. Plug the USB stick or SD card into a free slot. The storage medium is detected immediately. In the dialog box Automatic playback click on the option Speed up my system.

2. If the dialog box Automatic playback does not automatically appear, open Windows Explorer by pressing [Windows button] + [E]. Then with the right mouse button click on the new drive in the left directory tree, and select the command Open AutoPlay.

3. Windows immediately determines, whether the storage medium is suitable for ReadyBoost. If this is not the case, you will receive a corresponding note. If your storage device is ready for ReadyBoost, click on the tab ReadyBoost on the option Use this device.

4. Windows proposes to use the free space for the memory optimization. If you follow this, you can then save no further data on the media.

For a PC-RAM of 2 GB it is sufficient if you reserve 2 GB memory for ReadyBoost. In this case, move the slider under Space to reserve for system speed to the right place – in this example: 2000 MB. You can also set this value by using the arrow next to the selection box.

5. Click on OK. The changes are immediately reflected on the external media.


6. In the drive view for the storage medium you see the reserved space now as file entry called: ReadyBoost.sfcache.

Want to deactivate the ReadyBoost ,  Click here Deactivating ReadyBoost

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