Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105 – Since the Windows 10 activation is made accessible for users, they are facing many issues. There is a big list of Windows 10 error codes which users are facing nowadays while working on their system. Windows 10 update Error Code 0x8024a105 is one among those issues which users are facing very often. Any corrupted or damaged files in your system can be responsible for such errors and complications. Any incorrect configuration can also cause this issue.

How to deal with such errors on your own, Tech support Expert, brings several methods to help you troubleshoot this Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105. Main reasons for this Windows 10 error is improper shut down of the system, or because of improper uninstall of any corrupted file. Even after trying all possible ways you are not able to get rid of this error, kindly connect with Tech support Expert, 800-742-9005.

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105

Different Methods to Eradicate Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105

Tech support expert team helping you to deal with this error by own. Suggesting some methods below to get rid of this Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105. Follow them carefully for fruitful results:

Method 1 – Run Troubleshooter to fix Error Code 0x8024a105.

  1. First of all, go to Start Menu.
  2. And then type “Troubleshoot” in the search field and press Enter.
  3. Afterward, this will open the troubleshoot Window.
  4. Then click, on Windows Update to expand the option.
  5. Then click on Run Troubleshooter
  6. The scanning will start, and the problem will be detected.

Follow the further instruction prompted on your screen to fix the problem.

Method 2 – Clear and Reset Software Distribution Folder

  • At first, select Windows Key with X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  • In the Command Prompt, then type the following commands one by one and press Enter.
  1. net stop bits
  2. net stop wuauserv
  3. net stop appidsvc
  4. net stop cryptsvc
  • Now follow these steps, open folder C :\ Windows\ SoftwareDistribution\ Download and delete the entire content.
  • Again go back to the Command Prompt and type or copy the below-given commands and then press enter.
  1. net start bits
  2. net start wuauserv
  3. net start appidsvc
  4. net start cryptsvc
  • Finally, now restart your system.

Method 3- Reset Catroot2 Folder

  • Firstly, press Windows Key with X and select Command Prompt (Admin ) from the menu.
  • Then in Command Prompt type the following commands one by one and press Enter
  • net stop cryptsvc
  • md %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old
  • xcopy %systemroot%\system32\catroot2  %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old  /s
  • net start cryptsvc
  • Now you can also delete the files in catroot2 Folder once you are done with enetring the above commands.
  • Now restart your system, retry to update your Windows to check whether the issues is resolved or not.

Method 4- Find and Fix the Corrupted Files Using DISM Tool

Damaged files and corrupted documents can also result in Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105.. Therefore it is suggested to run an inbuilt DISM tool to fix the error. Follow the steps given below:

  • Press Windows key and X
  • Now from the menu choose Command Prompt  and open it.
  • Now enter the command given below, in the same series as they are listed and follow with an Enter.
  • DISM /Online  /Cleanup-Image  /CheckHealth
  • Afterward, DISM tool will scan the problem and the issue will be resolved.
  • Lastly, restart your system and check for the error.

Method 5 – Customize Windows Update Settings

  • First of all bring your arrow to the right corner of the screen and open the Charm Bar.
  • Now go to
  • Then click on Update and Security.
  • Now navigate below to search for Advanced Option and then click to open it.
  • After that check for the box stating “Give me Updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.”
  • While using a local network click on Delivery Optimization.
  • Then select the option Allow downloads from other PCs to turn it on.
  • Now finally retry to update the error and see whether error code 0x8024a105 is resolved or not.

Given above were some methods and steps for your help to troubleshoot, Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105. I believe the above methods must have been useful for you to resolve the problem. If you still facing Windows 10 Update error you may directly talk to our expert.

The above methods are for those who are tech savvy who understand the technical terms. It is always advisable to take help of experts whenever you face any tech problem. As it helps you get into any further issues or complications.

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