How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer

How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer

How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer – Printer is one of the most useful electronic devices. This gadget is used in offices, houses, or institutions to satisfy printing desires. Technical errors or glitches can be encountered at times and no printer in this world is safe from such types of issues. There are plenty of errors that one can encounter with their printer and ghost printing is one of them. The ghost printing error is nothing but a condition where the printer starts to print the same text twice on the printed paper. Such issues can interrupt your work. But this issue can be easily troubleshooter by following a simple series of steps. If you are facing the same issue and you are wondering How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer, then you have reached the right place.

Imagine a situation when you are in a hurry to print an important file, image, or document, and your printer starts to print the image or text twice on the printer paper. Wired right? If you are facing the same issue, then it means that your printer has encountered a ghost prating issue. This issue has generally faced the user due to the faulty drum or fuser unit. If you can relate to the same situation and you trying to figure out How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer, then we have got your back. Down below we have provided the instructions that will help you to fix this issue and get your printer back on track.How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer

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Causes Behind the Ghost Printing Problem

There are several approaches to fix this issue. But before we move on to How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer, let us find out the common culprits behind this issue:

  1. Dirty printer rollers: One of the major culprits that can trigger the ghost printing issue with your printer is the dirty printer roller. The roller of any printer needs to clean at regular intervals so that it can perform up to its maximum. If these rollers are dirty or there are dust particles on the rollers, then chances are they will not be able to conduct electrical charges accurately.
  2. Issues with Printer drum: The drum is one of the critical components of any printer. If there is dust accumulated on the drum, then can lead to a ghosting issue. The drum needs to be cleaned properly. If not cleaned, they can cause trouble while printing.
  3. Faulty rollers: Rollers are the key components that play a crucial role in the printing process. They bear all the wear and team. If the rollers of the printer get damaged, then chances are you will encounter the ghost printing issue. Replace the rollers immediately and see the difference.

How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer

There are numerous approaches to address this concern. But we have listed those steps that are easy to perform and do not take much time. So, follow the instructions provided below to wipe out this issue:

Step 1: The first thing that you need to ensure is to check the heating level of your printer. In layman language make sure to inspect your printer and notice the heating level of your device. Sometimes usage or mishandling of the printer can overheat the printer. Thus, place the printer in a place that has less humid conditions.

Step 2: Use the right quality and size of paper. Every printer comes with a set standard of paper or sheet. If you have a laser printer, then make sure not to use too thick or glossy sheets. Thus, make sure you are using the compatible and right type of paper with your device.

Step 3: Check the rollers of the printer and make sure they are working properly. Take out the roller and check whether they are not defective. The rollers of the printer bear the most wear and tear. Thus, check the rollers of the printer. In case the roller is broken, then replace it with a new one. This is How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer.

Step 4: Up next, check the paper setting of your printer. If you have a laserjet printer, then adjust the paper settings of the printer accordingly. Ensure that the printer paper settings meet the type of paper. Any small mismatch can lead to ghost printing.

So, this is How to Resolve the Ghost Printing Problem in Printer. We expect you liked this blog and you are now able to fix the ghost printing issue. In case you need more expert guidance, then dial 800-742-9005 or send us your query via email at 

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