How to Fix Driver Error 0x000005B3?

How to Fix Driver Error 0x000005B3?

A message with the error may appear, 

“The printer driver was not installed.
The operation could not be completed (error 0x000005b3).”

How to fix driver error 0x000005B3

A comprehensive guide on How to fix driver error 0x000005B3 is offered by Tech Support Experts which will help with an appropriate solution.

As we move forwards with the solutions on How to fix driver error 0x000005B3, remember to follow each step with care. Whether a tech-savvy person or an IT professional expert the knowledge is needed by everyone, This blog with the authenticated solution may help in many ways.

Generalizing Printer Driver Error 0x000005B3

Finding a solution is a necessity but went the best suitable task is to first understand the concept behind any cause. Hence let us being with the reason behind the occurred of How to fix driver error 0x000005B3.

This drive error 0x000005B3 is a printer’s drive error which is frequently noticed with the presence of a connection between a network printer and the desktop.

It comes to the eyes when the ethernet or the cable you are using is able to provide the connecting resource between the printer and the computer.

The network printer is not like the usual local printer used for common activities at home. This is a printer that requires the resources of a network and can be easily attached to multiple devices at a time.

The error messages displayed offer trouble in the process of printing and it is primarily indicated due to poor connectivity, failed installation, or even the negative service of the printer spooler.

Reason Driver Error 0x000005B3

Any error that occurred especially the working with the printer and the computer may affect the smooth movement of a task. There is a reason behind printer driver error 0x000005B3. This will help in the best solution of How to fix driver error 0x000005B3.

  • Corrupt working of the printer’s drive may definitely lead to the occurrence of the error 0x000005B3.
  • If the failure in the installation of the network printer has occurred then it states to be one of the reasons behind the error.
  • An issue with the printer spooler is one of the reasons for the effective working conditions of the printer and the computer.

How to fix driver error 0x000005B3?

Now with an appropriate understanding of the reason and the cause behind the printer driver error 0x000005B3 let us now jump to the solution of How to fix driver error 0x000005B3. It is important to follow the steps carefully and understand the cause behind the steps. This will help in solving the future occurrence of the error.

Step 1: Troubleshoot the Pinter

The first step to solving most IT errors is, to begin with the troubleshooting process. Many times it offers the best solutions and cures these errors with immediate purposes.

Go to Setting> System> Troubleshoot> Other Troubleshoots> Printer> Run 

When you follow the above-mentioned steps for How to fix driver error 0x000005B3, you will be instructed on the screen to follow the steps further. Go through them as suggested.

Step 2: Printer Spooler’s Reset

Since the Pinter driver error 0x000005B3 is linked with the network printer errors hence going to the printer spooler and resetting it can help in the appropriate maintenance.

  • Window + R> Type services.msc> Enter
  • Print Spooler service> Right  Click> Properties> Stop to cause the service.

Once you click on the STOP the service will be paused but to start then again, you are required to restart the services again.

  • Start> Startup type>  Automatic >

This will ensure the service and may maintain and restrict the occurrence of the Driver error 0x000005B3 in the future.

Step 3: Permission of System Account

It is now time to set up the permissions for the system account. This is an important step for How to fix driver error 0x000005B3.

  • File Explorer> C:\Windows\System32\spool.
  • Drivers Foolder> Click
  •  Context menu> Properties> Security
  • Group or user names> SYSTEM
  • Remove the Deny permissions and select the setup of all permissions.

Step 4: Check for Pinter’s Drive Update

Now for the resolution of How to fix driver error 0x000005B3. it is time to check the printer’s drive update.

  • Visit the printer’s website.
  • Find the support section.
  • Type your printer’s serial number.
  • Download the latest version available for the printer’s drive.
  • After the download is completed, restart the printer again.

Step 5: Delete Temporary Files

The last step How to fix driver error 0x000005B3 is to remove the temporary files prevent in the computer.

  •  File Explorer> C:\Windows\Temp> Temp folder> Select All Files.
  • Press Shits + Dlt Key, this will help in deleting the files at present.

Another step to delete the files is,

  • C:\Users<user_name>\AppData\Local\Temp

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