How to clean an Epson Printhead

How to clean an Epson Printhead

How to clean an Epson Printhead – Finding problems in the Epson printing quality? Either your Epson printer prints is quite dim? Image or letter is not in their certain position on print? There is only one reason behind this all – the printhead. A printhead is a component in a printer used to emboss the character on the paper. But sometimes it arises a problem and not print well. Therefore to resolve these all problems, We Tech Support Expert guide you to How to clean an Epson Printhead.

Printheads are mainly found in Epson inkjet and dot matrix computer printers. The printhead is found in the ink or printer cartridge. In a dot matrix printer, the printer head is a pin that hits the ink ribbon against the paper to write. In an inkjet printer, the printer head locates within the ink cartridge itself. But sometimes due to less usage of printer or dryness of ink. The printhead stops working. Therefore our technical support associates assist you for How to clean an Epson Printhead.

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How to clean an Epson Printhead

The most common problem in Epson Printhead- Ink Dryness

Espon is one of the topmost leading brands in manufacturing top class printers. Epson printers have always a huge demand in the marketplace. But in the end, printers are machine only. A technical problem can raise anything. The most common problem found in many printheads is of ink dryness. The ink dryness in a printer can rise to many issues like:

  • Nozzle Block
  • Improper Print
  • Printhead failure
  • Low-Quality Print

These all are very minor problems. But these minor problems only sometimes create a lot of frustration and irritation. Even you can also resolve this all problems with just little assistance. So you just need to wake up your inner technical expert. With small guidance, you will resolve your printer head problem.

How to clean an Epson Printhead via software?

The clogged printheads are the due to dried-up ink from less usage of printers. Therefore it leads to lumps inside the ink and as a result printer not print properly. So to tackle this problem you can usually fix clogged printhead with built-in self-cleaning printer software.

The procedure to clean printhead with built-in self-cleaning printer software are:

  1. Open Start by click on windows logo or by pressing windows button on the keyboard
  2. Type Control Panel or Search Control Panel or just press Window Key + R and type “Control Panel” and hit Enter Key.
  3. Once the Control Panel Window opens, there you find the option of Devices and Printers. 
  4. Click on the Devices and Printers option.
  5. One the printer menu and you will find your printer name there just right-click on the name of the printer.
  6. As you do right-click. You will find the option of Properties at the end of the menu. Click on that Properties option.
  7. A new small window will be open with the name of the printer. There will two tabs at the top left corner. General and Hardware/Maintainance.
  8. Click on the Hardware/Maintainance tab.
  9. The option that will appear now if of either Clean Heads or Clean Cartridges.
  10. After this, you may have an option to print a test page that will verify whether or not the cleaning process worked.

How to clean Epson PrintHead Manually?

If you still facing the problem in your Epson printer regarding the PrintHead. Then even you can also resolve this problem manually also or contact us. Here are the steps that help you to resolve your Epson PrintHead problem:

To clean your print heads, you will need the following items

  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • A bowl or pie tin
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  1. This will prevent you from damaging the printer or hurting yourself while removing the cartridges and the print head unit.
  2. Pen your printer’s main casing, then remove the cartridges Consult your printer’s manual or online documentation for the proper way to extract the cartridges.
  3. This is the tray in which the cartridges sit. You should see several holes in the bottom of the print head unit.
  4. If your printer uses cartridges that have print heads on them, skip this step.
  5. Create a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.
  6. Keep the mixture shallow (around a quarter of an inch deep) to start—you can always add later.
  7. The mixture should come about around a centimeter up the side of the print head.
  8. Doing so will give the print head’s dried ink time to loosen.
  9. Test the print head. 

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