Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78 – Brother is famous printer brand and provides the best quality customer service. They are used regularly mostly in the offices. Brother printer error code 78 occurs various times in the printer. This Brother printer error makes you unable to print smoothly. And its technical errors can sometimes be very irritating. Error 78 can persist due to power outage that can hamper the printer work process a lot. To known the process of troubleshooting and to work in a hassle-free manner connect with Tech Support Expert. As we are providing Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78

Brother printers especially those are new and has multifunctions, user-friendly, boast of rich, automatic document feeder such as the Brother MFC-420cn are the best. These printers can also provide you with functions like printing, faxing, scanning and duplexing. Brother printer comes in a variety of colours like white, black, grey and silver. The printing quality is great. In this blog post, we will discuss the common error code 78 of the Brother printer. Approach to us and get the best Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error 78

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What are the Causes Behind the Brother Printer Error 78?

The errors in the Brother printer occurs due to various reasons. It can be due to your negligence or any sudden issue. 

  1. This error usually occurs when you shut down the printer suddenly from the laptop or PC. 
  2. When in the home windows process files there are corrupted files. 
  3. The spyware, virus or malware can also cause this error. 
  4. Sudden power outrage is one of the issues behind the occurrence of error 78. 
  5. Improper shut down of the system or laptop.
  6. You have deleted the programs in a incorrect way.
  7. Inappropriate installation of any program.
  8. The left piece of paper inside the printer can also the reason behind the existence of this error. 

Steps to Resolve Brother Printer Error 78 

Here we have provided the various easy and simple method to fix the Brother printer error 78: 

Method 1 – Power off the Printer 

  • You have to begin the process with turning on the printer and then turn it back on and bring up in the on mode.
  • If you see that the Brother printer is not working correctly then unplug the device from the wall outlet.
  • Then keep the printer shut for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • After that check, the power source and then you have to ensure about the printer if it is not plugged into the UPS. 
  • You can also try the alternative way i.e, unplugging the device if the power strips with the other heating devices. 

Method 2 – Check the Power Cut 

In the next method, you have to check the power outage as such the Brother printer error 78 can occur because of a sudden power cut. When this power cut persists in the printer then you have to immediately check out the internal temperature inside the fusing assembly. 

Method 3 – Place the Printer in the Maintenance Mode

  • In this method, you can put the Brother printer in the maintenance mode and for that, you will have to press the button 2,8,6 and 4. 
  • After finishing this procedure the lights of the control panel will display the read maintenance. 
  • Press down the 9 buttons and then make the machine reboot and after that turn back in its normal warm-up procedure. 

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Unable to Print 78 Issue

  1. Firstly turn off the device.
  2. Then switch on the printer while holding the Menu button until led are flashing On/Off.
  3. Now you are in the maintenance mode.
  4. Press 80
  5. Tap on the “Mono Start” button that will see for removal: xxx.
  6. In order to reset the purge counter press “2783” and you will see removal:000.
  7. After that tap on the Stop button.
  8. Exit the maintenance mode by pressing “99”

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