Brother Printer Error Code ts-02

Brother Printer Error Code ts-02

Brother Printer Error Code ts-02 – Use of printer in our daily work has become so common these days that any minor error can greatly affect our day. So every user needs a reliable printer that has the ideal performance. And Brother printer is one of the common names in the printer manufacturing companies. Being a renowned printer manufacturing brand and as per the demand, the Brother printer crafted printers that provide great work experience while printing. Also, they make your life easy and comfortable with wireless printing. But sometimes these wireless printer shows errors such as brother printer error code ts-02.


Brother Printer Error Code ts-02

If a printer often ends up showing errors that can ruin the whole day as the printing of document stops. Usually, errors are coded in alphabets and numerical digits. Brother Printer Error Code ts-02 is one of the most common that occurs from various causes. If you are also facing this error then Tech Support Expert can help you out with this problem. It is an authentic brand that provides help regarding tech issues such as computer infections, printers issues, etc. Their highly trained experts have solutions for almost every problem. And today they will teach you to resolve Brother Printer Error code ts-02.

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Causes of TS-02 Brother Printer Error

Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 errors can occur due to gradual wear and tear, or because of external or internal reasons. When the error manifests then you should keep your eye on the track to find out where and when the errors occur this saves your time and efforts. Before delving deep to solve this error, know the causes of the TS-02 Brother Printer Error.

  • It can occur due to corrupt system files entries.
  • If the windows system file gets damaged.
  • When the installation or uninstallation is incomplete of the printer.
  • Hardware or applications are deleted improperly.
  • The printer is not able to detect the WLAN access point.
  • Another reason for this error to pop up is a bad USB connection with the router.

Thus, these are some reasons behind TS-02 Brother Printer Error. Now, Let’s dive deep to know the steps to resolve the brother printer error TS-02.

Steps to resolve TS-02 Brother Printer Error

Our highly-trained experts have solutions to every tech problem, and here we will guide you with some precise and accurate steps to resolve TS-02 Brother Printer Error.

  • Step 1) Firstly check the WLAN access point is powered.
  • Step 2) Connect to the Internet connection with a built-in wireless LAN to verify that the WLAN router is working properly.
  • Step 3) To get better network connectivity, shift the printer to a barrier-free area or at the nearest place to the WLAN router.
  • Step 4) Run the temporary location of your printer within the 1 meter from the WLAN access point.
  • Step 5) If the WLAN access pointer is showing the MAC address filtering then make sure that the MAC address of the Brother printer is allowed in the filter.
  • Step 6) Brother printer use radio signals in the 4 GHz range. If your system is using the 5 GHz range then the error TS-02 will show on your device.
  • Step 7) Setup Wizard option from the control panel of your brother printer can be used.
  • Step 8) You can also do it manually by entering the SSID and security information.
  • Step 9) While performing the above process, you should re-confirm SSID and security information.
  • Step 10) When the process is completed then restart your brother printer.

After performing all the above-mentioned steps, print a test page to make sure that your printer is working well. If your printer prints a page successfully then no further actions are required. Then you can enjoy the printing services of your brother printer hassle-freely. If your printer is still not working then you can proceed to the next solution.

Switch your Connection to Direct Connection

If you are printing through Wi-Fi mode then try switching the connect to a direct connect via cables and cords. While establishing a direct connection, you should ensure the following points:-

  • Most importantly, check the cables and the cords that connect your printer and the router if any part is damaged, torn, or broken then change it immediately.
  • If your PC or Laptop needs a hi-speed interface to connect then you should use a universal serial bus cable, a hi-speed cable.
  • Ensure that the ports of the printer or your system, and the router are in good shape.

These are some points that you should consider while establishing a direct connection. And a direct connection can help you in resolving the brother printer error TS-02. After establishing a direct connection make sure that your printer is printing without any trouble, issue, or problem. After performing all the above steps you can enjoy printing services.

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