Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems

Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems

Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems – Does your Brother printer is not functioning properly or it is not working at all even after you have done everything? Are you wondering what went wrong and searching for expert help regarding the same? If yes then we got you covered. There are situations when the users are trying to install the printer drives and encounter several issues. In this blog by Tech Support Expert, we will tell you how to Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems.

Brother Printers are famous for their quality printing. These printers allow the users to enjoy spotless printing when used with the correct driver.  But keep in mind that these printers need to be properly installed to get printing commands and dates from your PC or system. There are several cases where the Brother printer is unavailable even when the drivers are correctly installed. So, if you are a victim of such as issue and want to know How to Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems, then keep reading this blog.Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems

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Causes of Brother Printer Driver Error

There are several reasons that might cause this issue. Users across the world, have reported several concerns with the working of brother printer drives even after their installation. Few reasons such as:

  • Outdates Brother Printer drivers.
  • Corrupted drivers.
  • Incompatible drivers
  • Few missing drivers of the Brother Printer.
  • Incorrect driver installation.

Problems Encountered During Brother Printer Installation

Below are a few of the possible problems that can occur when trying to install the Brother Printer drivers in your system. These are:

  • Unable to install the drivers.
  • The USB cable of the Brother Printer not working.
  • System struck or hangs while the driver installation process.
  • Sudden freeze of the device setup.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Problems

Follow the below-mentioned methods and steps in the exact same order to fix this issue:

Method 1: Install the Latest Driver

The first method to get this issue fix in no time is by installing the latest drivers of the Brother Printer. But first, make sure to uninstall the old ones before downloading the new ones. It is critical to update the software and drivers of the brother Pinter to avoid any error and for the smooth functioning of the printer. Follow the below method steps to perform this method.

First, uninstall the Drivers of the printer:

  • Go to Start > Applications > Brother Utilities
  • Choose the printer model name from the drop-down.
  • Select tools from the left-hand side navigation bar and click on Uninstall.
  • Follow all the instructions carefully to uninstall the primer driver.

Install the Driver Printer

Once you are done with uninstalling the drivers of the Brother Printer the next thing that you need to do is to download the latest drivers of the printer. Follow the steps to perform this:

  • Visit the official site of Brother Support & Downloads.
  • Enter the printer model name in the search box to search for the latest drivers and press Submit.
  • Choose the printer model and operating system (choose OS family and version) and click on
  • Up next you will get the accurate driver and the latest firmware for your printer.
  • Follow all the instructions to download and install it.

Method 2: Try to fix the Issue by Running Window Troubleshooter

The method that you can try to get this issue fixed is by running the window troubleshooter. Every window consists of a printer troubleshooter that comes inbuilt to fix all the issues related to the printer including the unavailable driver issue as well. So you can try to use this tool by following the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Go to Start
  • Type Window + R to open the command box
  • Type Control Panel and enter
  • Now type troubleshoot in the search box (on the top-right hand side of the window).
  • Choose
  • From the navigation pane select View All
  • Click on Next and let the printer troubleshooter deter the actual cause behind this issue.
  • Follow all the instructions and let the troubleshooter resolve the Brother Printer issue.

Method 3: Power cycle the Printer

The third method that you can try to fix this issue is by power cycling the printer. Follow the simple steps to perform his method:

Remove the Brother Printer from your system:

  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Choose Devices and then Printers and Scanners.
  • Now choose Brother Printer and click on Remove.
  • Press yes

Install the Brother Printer to your System Again:

  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Now go to Devices > Printers and Scanners > Add Printers & Scanners.
  • Select the Brother Printer to install it.
  • Now attach a USB cable to your Brother Printer and System.
  • Select the option Add a Local Printer or Network Printer With Manual Settings.
  • Once done choose the option Use an Existing Port
  • Click
  • Choose the Manufacturer and Model Number from the Left-hand side menu.
  • Click Next
  • Follow the instructions to install the Brother Printer into your System.

Get Quick and Perfect Solutions For all Brother Printer Related Issues

We understand that facing such as issue can be time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. But we got you covered and listed some methods by which you can resolve this issue. It is expected that this blog works for you and you got the information that you were looking for. For any brother printer-related technical help, queries of issues, always contact Tech Support Expert.

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