Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue

Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue

Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue – Brother printers are renowned for high-quality print outs and scanning. The Brother printers always come up with new and amazing features that make printing quite easy for the users. Despite all of the wonderful functions, the Brother Printer may sometimes cause the problem of the black cartridge, not printing. This is a very common issue which is faced by most of the user. In this blog post, our team of experts are here with the solution for Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Issue. By our guidance and easy step by step guide you can for sure get rid of this printer issue. 

Tech Support Expert is the most proficient technical company who has experience of more than 10 years in this field. Our highly knowledgable and skilled professionals have the solution of all your printer issues. Brother printers are very reliable and if used without any negligence then it would work fantastic. We are here to provide you with guidance on Brother printer uses and benefits. Also the best assistance for the most asked question by our customers i.e, How to Fix Brother Printer not Printing Black Issue? 

Brother Printer Won't Print Black Issue

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Reasons Behind Brother Printer won’t Print Black

There are a few factors that stop your Brother printer from printing documents in black. Most recently the issue begins when the new cartridge is installed. But always it is not the fault of the cartridge there are also some other reasons. Here are some of the main reasons that you must check before moving on to further solutions. 

Ensure that the ‘Breather Tape’ on the Cartridge is removed completely – The breather tape or shipping tape must be removed before installing the cartridge. In case this is not removed then ink remains vacuum-sealed in the cartridge and will not come out. 

Low-Quality Generic Ink Cartridges – It is advised to use the high-quality ink cartridges of a renowned brand. If you are using a low-quality ink that is not compatible with the Brother printer. Then there are chances of facing issue while printing. Ink plays a crucial role in the quality of printing, they must not dry soo fast and also needs to be formulated to not congeal.

Printer inks comprise of various chemicals that prevent the ink from drying. This doesn’t affect them drying on the paper but it does stop it from drying out in the printer itself.

Check Whether you have installed new cartridge well before it gets dry – When you see the message or sign appearing in the printer of the Black cartridge is getting low then it is time to replace it. You must not wait for the ink cartridge to empty because it may cause air into the print nozzle. And when air gets into the nozzle then the printer will stop printing in black. You will simply get the lines through printing which is not at all satisfactory.

Moreover when you print with a near-empty black cartridge then the air going into the print nozzle with start to dry the ink which is already in the nozzle. If you continue to work with a near-empty ink cartridge for a long time then you may even permanently damage the printhead. Therefore it is better to install a new cartridge when you see that the ink is about to finish. 

Brother Printer and it’s CISS Systems – Brother printers which have a CISS fitted may cause printhead clogging. There are various factors such as poor quality ink, tanks not being mixed often or the printer is not being used often enough. All of such factors can cause the black ink not to print. 

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Ink Issue? 

Below are the following suggestions that will help you to fix the not printing black issue:

  • Print Regularly 

If you will print regularly then the ink will constantly flow through the printhead which in result helps to prevent the ink from sitting in the nozzle and drying out and blocking the fine print nozzles. 

  • Use High-Quality Generic Cartridges 

As we have stated that high-quality generic cartridges will provide you with quality printing and a correct viscosity. Also, the chemical formula which will not clog that print nozzle. 

  • Ensure that Brother Printer is not Placed in Hot Position

In case you have placed your printer near the window or at any warm place then the ink might congeal inside the printhead. We suggest our customers place your printer at an accurate position. 

Tech Support Expert – One Stop Solution For Brother Printer Users

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