Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network

Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network

Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network- If you are unable to connect your printer to the network then there is no as such big issue but yes it is true it may hamper your work. There is no such specific reason for it. Many Lexmark printer users encounter with such problem and report that their Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network. To help them, well in this blog we will discuss various methods and tips to fix it up. Follow the given solutions so that you can use your printer hassle-free.

To fix any sort of technical failure always ask for professional assistance. Our company Tech Support Expert is the best and mainly provide tech services to fix your device or gadget issues. Many users report for Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network. To help them we have many tested methods so that they can work on their printer easily. 

Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network

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Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network Issue

In the following section, we will discuss various methods to fix your Lexmark printer issue. Follow the given steps as it is. Alteration can create a big problem with your device.

Step: 1 Ping Your Printer’s IP

  • From printer and faxes in Mac or from Control Panel-> Printer and faxes in Windows, discover your printers name.
  • Right-click on this present printer’s name to pick its Properties.
  • On the opened window, click on Port tab.
  • At that point, extend the principal section in rundown to see the IP address of printer.
  • Next, open order brief window and type the accompanying order:
    • ping <IP address>
    • For example, on the off chance that the IP address of your printer is, at that point the term that you should compose on CMD will be: ping
  • On the off chance that you get a fruitful answer as given in the screen capture that infers the issue isn’t with your printer-switch organize.

Steps: 2 Enable TCP/IP Port Access of Printer

Lexmark printer requires TCP/IP port numbers for certain system-related highlights. Hence, in the event that you need to affirm whether it empowers or not, look at these means:

  • Open the printer page and tap on ‘Connections and Index’ alternative.
  • Next, tap on TCP/IP Port access and check if the port is empowered or not.
  • If there should be an occurrence of Disable, pick the alternative Enable ports and tap on SUBMIT button.

Step: 3 Strong Network Signal

  • Keep your printer close to remote switch/passage with least include of blocks in the middle.
  • Place all radio-recurrence emanating gadgets like microwave, cordless telephones, and Bluetooth speakers from your Lexmark printer.
  • In case, still Lexmark remote printer not interfacing with organizing at that point, briefly turn off all the gadgets transmitting RF.
  • Neglect from keeping the printer server underneath or behind the furnishings.
  • Other than this, additionally reposition your passage, printer server reception apparatus, and every single imaginable check.
  • To wrap things up, check the bit rate an incentive on organize settings page. On the off chance that it’s lower, at that point, your printer is destined to come up short. What’s more, To fix it we have certain more arrangements lined ahead.

Other Troubleshooting Steps To Solve Lexmark Printer Not Connecting to Network 

  • Disable the firewall of the gadget that you are utilizing to interface printer with the system. For example, your PC.
  • Go to arrange connector settings of the switch and check whether the VPN or some other intermediary server is empowered. In the event that, you discover them, right-snap and tap on Disable choice.
  • Check the ebb and flow status of printer drivers. Whenever required, update those utilizing perfect variants accessible over the Internet.
  • Additionally, confirm the printer settings and in a most pessimistic scenario, whenever required-follow the means to fix Lexmark Printer arrangement blunder once more.
  • Remember to check the USB association whenever built up utilizing links to interface printer, switch, and register.

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