How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer

How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer

How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer – To make your printer connect to the network you need to know the IP address of your device. Sometimes if you install your printer and connec to other computer network connectivity is esseintal. As many users couldn’t able to detect the IP address and many of users ask for How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer. Through this blog, we will guide all those users and you will learn the methods to locate your printer IP address.

One thing you always make sure if you don’t know the right way to fix your technical glitches, do not try your own. Always take an expert advice. For technical knowledge, Tech Support Expert is one of the finest and  professional tech service provider. Many lexmark printer users encounter with IP address issues and even on a large number we receive queries for How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer. To help all the users we have shared this blog. Read it carefully.

How to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer

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Guide to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer

It is always suggested to have a static ID address of your Lexmark printer, so it will have an permanant IP. Whenever your or the DHCP server restarts the IP address will remain same. In the following steps we will help you to find IP Address of Lexmark Printer.

Steps to Locate the Lexmark Printer IP address

Following are the steps which help you to find your ptiner IP address. One important thing before performing all the steps do not skip any of the step.

  • Firslty,  click on the start button and go to Control Panel
  • View to the Devices & Printer settings. 
  • Now, a list of installed printers will appear right click on the Lexmark printer to the IP address
  • Select Printer properties from the menu
  • In the properties box, go to ‘Ports’, You can see the network port of the printer is ticked here, choose the port and tap on Configure Port.
  • In the Configure standard box you can see the actual IP address of your Lexmark Printer.
  • To ensure that the IP Address of Lexmark Printer reached to the network. Open cmd from your PC start menu and type and press enter. If it shows the proper network communication between your PC and network that means your it is working perfectly.

These are steps which definitely help you out to navigate your Printer IP address. All the steps are pre-performed and checked by our expert team. In case if you face any trouble while doing it do not hestitate and connect to out team.

Other Ways to Find IP Address of Lexmark Printer

Apart from the above following steps we also know other methods also to locate your printer IP address. Here are they :-

Configuration Page :- As Lexmark Printer are highly built and have the ability to configure page by pressing single or combinations of button. The configuration sheet can give the IP address of the wired and wireless link. The printers has numerous options to get this printout, better check the user manual to learn more about your Lexmark printer model.

From Printer Display :- To view the IP address of the Lexmark printer you can press the menu button, locate to network settings and under IPv4. If your printer has the display then this should be possible without printing the configuration page.

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