How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory

How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory

How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory- There are serveral times when Printer users get notification of full printer memory. This is quite common error that occurs in the Lexmark printer. Clearning the printer memory can stop the error doc and get your printer back in working condition. Lexmark Printers is said to have the new features  but it usually trouble with errors. As many users ask for How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory. To help them, we have shared this article and will guide you with easy methods.

To make your printer work in accurate condition, always ask for expert help advice. For technical services, Tech support Expert is the best and professional service provider. Our company is highly professional and provide valued services. On a large scale people raise queries for How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory. To male your printer work properly we will discuss various steps and tips.

How to Clear Lexmark Printer Memory

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Types of Lexmark Printer Memory

There are two kinds of Lexmark printer memory and there you will get volatile memory that will be deleted when you turn off the printer. The other one is the non-volatile memory that will stick around until you will have to delete it. The technical glitch Lexmark Printer full memory will occur when the user will be busy with the printing job and then suddenly Printer full memory message will occur.

Causes Of Lexmark Printer Full Memory Error

There are mainly 3 reasons for Full printer memory issue. Following are:-

  • Due to the memory setting on the Windows printer driver software happens to be low
  • The default memory setting of the printers is very low
  • The document might contain TrueType fonts that are downloaded as Type 42 fonts which is not supported.

Steps To Clear Lexmark Printer Memory

Here we will discuss easy and helpful ways to clean up the full memory issue in the lexmark Printer. Ensure that you follow all the steps as it is. Following are the steps:-

Step: 1 Apply the Administrator Steps to Run Lexmark Printrer Software

  • Initially, choose the Properties after you right clicked on the Program icon.
  • Now, you will see the Windows getting opened.
  • Visit to go to Shortcut tab.
  • In the Advanced option tap on Run as administrator.
  • After this, click on OK and after and select the exit option.

Step: 2 Replace the Software Name Files

  • Firstly, open up the file explorer and then move on to the View section.
  • Here, check if the Hidden item box have been selected or not.
  • Now,  type %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Canon Easy PhotoPrintEx in the search bar.
  • Rename the settings folder and change it.

Step: 3 Clean up The Lexmark Printer Memory

  •  Firslty, turn on the Lexmark Printer
  • Secondly, tap on the Fax button.
  • Thirdly,  press the Menu button and use the button to select the Memory reference, and then press OK.
  • Lastly, use the button to erase all the documents and then press the OK button.

Step: 4 Reset Lexmark Printer Memory Settings

  • Firslty, go to the Start button and then to settings.
  • Secondly, choose, Device/Printers.
  • Thirdly, right click on the printer icon and then select Properties.
  • Fourthly, pick the Device Options tab
  •  Lastly, in the printer memory list, click on the correct settings and then press OK.

These are the steps that will help you to clear up the Lexmark Printer memory and makes space. While performing the above following steps if you face any difficulty do not hesitate and connect to us through call. Our executive will help you immidiately and resolve the issue.

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