How to Fix Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error

How to Fix Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error

How to Fix Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error – Lexmark Printer is one of the best printers available in the market. Due to the high-quality printing, this printer leaves an excellent impact on many individuals. Moreover, due to its outstanding operations and smooth photocopying, it has earned the trust of everyone. But you have to be very careful and follow the correct setup after buying the Lexmark Printer. Sometimes you may need expert advice to gain understand some of the features of the printer in detail and therefore, we at Tech Support Expert will guide and give you steps to resolve every sort of troubleshooting with Lexmark Printer. If in case you want some information regarding How to Fix Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error, then you are at the right place because we will help you out with this.

How to Fix Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error

Therefore, to give a safe & reliable solution against any technical troubleshooting or error or if your printer is giving Standard Bin Full Error, then we at Tech Support Expert highlighted some of the,

Steps to Fix the Lexmark Standard Bin Full Error

These are tried and tested steps that you can follow to resolve your issue. Follow these steps and fix the error:

The Lexmark Printer gives Standard Bin Full errors under several circumstances such as If the top output bin not actually full, this message will appear due to displaced, malfunctioning, or stuck bin-full sensor assembly. But what is the solution?  Don’t worry we are here and we will help you. This issue sometimes needed a service call and many times it can be resolved without any technical support. Hence, please refer to the below mentioned below.

Step 1: Step one in the process to resolve the Standard bin full error is to power off the printer and clear any media remaining in the paper path (If necessary). Completely power off the printer and remove any media (If there).

Step 2: Step number two is to eliminate any media located in the top (standard) output bin. Carefully remove n ay media (If there) from the standard (top) output bin.

Step 3: The third step to resolve the Standard bin full error is to check the bin-full actuator flag and ensure that it is freely moving and is in right position. This step is critical therefore, perform it carefully.

  • You have to make sure that the flag needs to move freely up and down without any obstruction.
  • Ensure that when it is positioned properly, the flag is in the down position.

Step 4: After performing the above three steps, you need to power the printer back on.

Step 5: If after powering back the printer on, the message still returns and there are no media in the top (standard) output bin, then you need to contact Lexmark Technical Support.

Chat with Expert and Resolving Lexmark Printer Errors

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