How To Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

How To Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

How to Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00 – Every Business organization needs reliable printers to avoid break-down while printing or copying documents. Lexmark printers are bliss for them and it is a popular brand that manufactures printers. The company has introduced many new features to users in printing technology. The printers of Lexmark have advanced features and amazing printing capabilities. but sometimes while printing documents an error occurs such as error 900.00. And even many expert users don’t know how to fix Lexmark firmware error 900.00.

How To Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

Tech Support Expert is an authentic firm that provides help regarding tech issues and errors such as system crashes, infections, and many more. Our highly trained experts have a solution for almost every problem related to tech gadgets. If you are also using a Lexmark printer facing the error 900.00 then you are at the right spot. Today in this write-up, we will discuss how to fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00.

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Accurate Steps to Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

Due to some technical troubles, people face issues error 900.00 while printing. It doesn’t let users complete their printing tasks. This error stops the printers from receiving the command from the computer, and printing of documents stops. The company has designed its printer to provide top-quality printing services and users are enjoying its printing services too. But it’s quite disappointing that users are facing errors and works are getting delayed. And it is quite frustrating for the users but you don’t’ need to be annoyed by this little problem as we are here to help you out. Let’s know the steps to fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00.

Quick fix steps to fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

  1. Firstly, Turn the Lexmark Printer “OFF
  2. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
  3. Disconnect all the connected cables to the printer.
  4. Wait for few minutes until your system becomes idle.
  5. Plug the power cord.
  6. Clear the printing job from the computer.
  7. Turn the Lexmark printer back “ON”
  8. Connect all the disconnected cables.
  9. Print a page for testing purposes.
  10. If the page prints successfully then no further actions are required.

Check Your Printer Firmware Level

If the firmware of your Lexmark printer is outdated then it may not support the code loaded on the scanner communications card. Make sure that the printer’s firmware is at the P128 level.

Here are the steps to check the printer firmware level.

  • Navigate the Menu button on the printer’s display.
  • Select the option “Reports.”
  • Now you have to press the menu setting page and it will start printing.
  • On the device information page, search for firmware level information.
  • If the code level is below P128, then you can continue with the next steps.

Double-check with Embedded Web Server (EWS)

You can also cross-check your printer firmware level using an embedded web server. Let’s know the steps to check via EWS.

  1. Using an Ethernet Cable, connect your printer to the internet network.
  2. Open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  3. In the address field of the browser, type the IP address of the printer you are using.
  4. Look for Reports, and click on it.
  5. Click on the option “Device information” and recheck if the firmware printer is at the P128 level.

Download and Install the latest firmware Code

Software updates are always to enhance the user experience, and resolve the issues and problems. Downloading and installing the latest firmware code of the printer can help you out with this error. Here are the steps to download and install the latest firmware code of the Lexmark printer.

  • Launch your desired web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Go to the Lexmark Help website.
  • Look for “Support & Download link.”, click on it.
  • You will see a search box, type your printer model.
  • Check for the latest firmware version by clicking the Download tab.
  • If there is any update, download it and save the file on your system.
  • Open the downloaded file, and install the updated printer firmware.
  • Restart your system, once the installation is complete.

Above mentioned steps are precise and accurate and will fix your issue or error 900.00. After performing all the above no further actions are required, you can print your documents and enjoy the Lexmark printer services. If the error 900.00 still manifests then you can contact us for the advanced printer related issues.

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