How to update Lexmark Printer Firmware?

How to update Lexmark Printer Firmware?

How to update Lexmark Printer Firmware? – The Firmware Update is important to enhance the working performance of Lexmark Printer. The Firmware Update Utility (FUU) is one of the most important methods used to  how to update the printer firmware and it can be performed via by using these connection types, includes local (USB), Ethernet, or wireless. This Firmware update is only be made when Lexmark Technical support recommended it.One thing you always make sure if you don’t know the right way to fix your technical glitches, do not try your own. Always take a bit of expert advice. For technical knowledge, Tech Support Expert is one of the finest and professional tech service provider. Our technical experts will guide you step by step how to update Lexmark Printer Firmware.

How to update Lexmark Printer Firmware?
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Before Updation Procedure

Before following the updation procedure of Lexmark Printer Firmware, make sure that there is no appearance of error codes or messages on the screen of the printer.

  • For successful updation of Firmware, the printer should be in Prepare state to begin the procedure.
  • Check whether there is an updated firmware version for the said option card, if yes then use it.

How to download Firmware

  1. Visit to the Lexmark support website for downloading Firmware.
  2. Enter the name of your Printer model which you have and then click on GO button for the next proceedings.
  3. Click the download tab and then click the Firmware under Recommended Firmware section.
  4.  Click on I agree option to agree with all the norms and click on the download button to download the firmware.

Procedure to update Lexmark Printer Firmware 

Read the below given points carefully for the updation of Lexmark Printer Firmware.

Step 1:- Run the Firmware Update Utility Program

In first step, you have to run the firmware update the utility program and then click on continue button for the further processing.

Step 2:-  Read License Agreement

In the second step, thoroughly read the ‘License Agreement’ for knowing all the norms and guidance. Click on Agree button after reading all the rules and regulations.

Step 3:- Select the Printer  

Once you done the License agreement procedure then the utility will display the connection of printer with it. Now you have to select the name of the printer i.e. Lexmark printer which you want to update and click on ‘Continue’ button for the further processing of the updating  procedure.

Step 4:- Wait for the completion of the process

When the update of Lexmark Printer Firmware once begins then a progress bar will be appeared on the screen of your computer as well as your printer panel will show confirmation of ‘Updating Lexmark Printer Firmware’.

  • After this step wait at least  for 15-20 minutes for completion of the procedure.
  • Do not turn the Lexmark printer off until the update is complete otherwise the error will appear in the update.

Step 5:- Verify Firmware Update Summary Post

When the whole process of update will complete then after some time the utility will post  “Firmware Update Summary”. The printer will power off automatically after the successful update and restart at its own.

  • Click on the “Retry” button if the update procedure failed  due to any reason or error.  The whole process of Firmware update needs to be performed again.
  •  Click  on the “Close” button if the update is successful.

In this way, the whole procedure of Firmware update will take place. You can easily update the Lexmark printer Firmware Using the Firmware Update Utility program and following these guidelines for better results.

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