Two Things To Do When You Get a New WiFi Router

Two Things To Do When You Get a New WiFi Router

set password to router

When you buy or get a new router, you are very excited to see the range of new WiFi. And definitely new router with new technology offers you  that you want. With great satisfaction breathe ,  you happy with great sound, right ?

Incredible strong WiFi signal is now visible in your neighbor’s list of potential connection options. which means your neighbors will see your wireless network and they could connect their devices to and if you have left WiFi completely open , their network devices  will attempt to connect by default.

To keep your WiFi network safe and secure, always do following two things while setting up a new router

  1. Change your network name (SSID)
  2. Set up a secure password

Change the SSID

Every wireless network has an SSID , means Service Set Identity , It is the name of your wireless network. When you  set up a new router, default SSID will come, which is router’s make and model. By default SSID WiFi piggybackers can take advantage by using default login details.

You should change your the SSID for your network. It would be great idea to change the SSID just like naming of your new born baby.

When changing your network’s SSID, be sure not to use any personal information for your network name. Name of network is visible to all who are in range of WiFi.

Few Funny and Crazy naming for  your WiFi :

  • Please don’t steal our internet
  • WillUMarryMe
  • VirusAttack
  • YouAreUnerSurveillance
  • M Behind You
  • Etc …

Set a Secure Password

Did you know that when someone uses your unprotected WiFi connection, they can trace back you and can do anything. We can imagine plenty of reasons for online security and password protection. And all of us familiar with it. So best practice is to protect your network from attacks and keep your passwords and other personal information safe.

When you are thinking to create new password , always remember few things


password should be 8 character long or more than 8.

Mixing uppercase , lowercase with special characters.


Don’t make password equal to “Password”

Don’t use your name , surname , DOB , house no as your password. These password are easy to crack by hackers.

With Wi-Fi networking, security is the name of the game. Be sure to keep your network locked down and safe by changing your SSID and password.

“With great Wi-Fi comes great responsibility.”

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