How to Factory Reset a Router?

How to Factory Reset a Router?

How to Factory Reset a Router- Looking for a solution regarding the process of factory reset, well we the Tech Support Expert Professionals have a solution for you. We will provide you with the ultimate guide that can help you solve your queries in minutes. All you need to do is just go through our blog and give a thorough reading on the topic. 

Before we get the ball rolling, let’s understand that is the main work of a Router. Have you what is the thing that supports your search and provides you with the appropriate results in seconds, well, indeed it is primarily because of the use of an Internet connection that is supported by the router as a medium. Now, in today’s time, one is required to use the same for the maximum task completion n a day which is why is essential for teh router to work efficiently. But sometimes that condition occurs when the internet connections are vitally available but still the issue is served due to the dysfunction of wifi. Hence, on a mandatory note, it becomes essential; for the person to look after the issue and specifically know about “How to Factory Reset a Router”.

If you have any concerns regarding information technology and want to know more in detail about your queries, then Tech Support Experts being the professionally certified solution provider will help you with the ultimate guide that will generate positive outcomes and long-term benefits. To on for more about  How to Factory Reset a Router contact us at 800-742-9005 or drop an email at .

How to Factory Reset a Router

What is a Factory reset of the Router?

When you attempt to factory reset your router, it becomes an essential thing then it will definitely erase your data and you have to do the new set all over again. This means that all teh devices you have connected with it will automatically be disconnected. One is that required to give the username and set the password all over again as doing this will make your router a new one. All the customized settings that have been done will be deleted which includes the generation of personalized DNS,  security password, routing, password, DHCP setting, and lastly the static IP address setup too. 

Some important areas to look after before starting the process of How to Factory Reset a Router.

There are some important processes that one needs to figure out and mandatorily needs to focus on while commencing with the process. 

  • Do not leave the process in between.
  • Follow each and every process with patience.
  • Understand the cause and need for the rest of the router. 
  • Keep in mind that resetting will definitely delete all your data, and no one will be able to connect the devices with it. 
  • Keep the easiest password you  can remember after the process as firstly you can not connect with the wifi and secondly, if you wish to factory reset your device again, well this also won’t be possible

Steps to Reposition the Wifi Router by Tech Support Expert

On the above we introduce you to some basic yet important criteria regarding the wifi router, now let’s begin our knowledgeable journey on How to Factory Reset a Router. There are some very essential steps one needs to figure out as these will make you understand the issue and also help you save time on the process. Below is the generalized method which will explain the details of the process.

Step 1 ( Check the Plug of the Router)

To begin with, let’s just follow each and every point of step 1 and look at the details.

  • Check with the electricity is available or not, do not start the process if the router is not connected to the inverted battery as this will cause a disturbance.
  • See whether the plug wire is tightly connected to the router.
  • To your satisfaction, you can unplug it and then plug it in again. 

Step 2 ( Finding the Reset Button of the Router)

In this, you are required to check on the reset button.

  • In every router, there is a rest button given are the back and in some, it is at the bottom too.
  • Press the button for some seconds until you notice the change in the light bulb of your router.
  • Release the resist button after approximately 25 seconds.
  • The power will automatically start and your process will be completed. 

These are the two main steps involved in the process, after the completion, you can keep the username and wifi password using the mobile app and enjoy the benefits of it. 

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