How to fix the ‘limited connectivity’ error on your TP-Link router

How to fix the ‘limited connectivity’ error on your TP-Link router

How to fix the ‘limited connectivity’ error on your TP-Link router – Technology has become an indispensable part of our routine. Our most trivial tasks require technological functionalities to bring forth the result. At such time it becomes crucial to be aware, if not of all the basic technological operations involved in our routine. If your TP-Link router has been acting up or showing a limited connectivity error, you need not worry as your all-time tech support partner “Tech Support Expert” is available at your service. We are a computer support and service provider based in California, U.S. Since our interception in the year 2000, we have become a leading technology corporation with subordinate branches providing services like enterprise software products, engineering, mobile solutions, and technical support services.

Over the years we have solidified our position as a reliable tech support organization. The team of Tech Support Expert diligently persevere to provide top-notch tech solutions to our consumers, small offices, and home offices with affordable enterprise-level computer support, usually accessible to large companies. We have a team of highly skilled technicians, toiling day and night to bring you the most optimum solutions for your technological operations. Through this blog, you will learn How to fix the ‘limited connectivity’ error on your TP-Link router in a few easy steps.

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How to fix the 'limited connectivity' error on your TP-Link router


Fixing the Limited Connectivity Error on your TP-Link Router

TP-link is a leading manufacturer of networking products, headquartered in China. The company is well-established and export their networking products throughout various countries. Their products are known for their high-quality and fast-track performance. However, technology is never 100% efficient and always susceptible to glitches and errors. TP-Link router is a device that forwards data packets between networks. Mostly, it is used to connect more than one computer or devices to the main network. Limited connectivity generally means that your device is connected to Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi network isn’t connected to the internet. That means the Wi-Fi doesn’t have a working internet connection.

There are numerous possibilities that may cause this error. However, it is not feasible to hire an expert or trained professional every time, when it can be solved with simple easy steps without any complexities. Dive into this guide to find out what’s wrong with your TP-Link router and get it solved with few easy steps. Follow the given instructions to find out the solution for limited connectivity error in your TP-Link router:

Problems with ISP

Sometimes limited connectivity might be a result of issue with ISP or Internet Service Provider. No Connection or displays such as limited will appear when you are connected directly or through TP-Link router. Wait for some time to see if connectivity gets restored or restart your modem and try again. If they give a green flag, proceed and recheck your router.

Weak Signals or Loose Connection

If your TP-Link router is connected over LAN, make sure the cables are connected properly and connections are not loose. If connected over Wireless WAN (Wi-Fi), make sure that router is placed at a location where the connectivity is maximum. If location is not ideal for signal receptivity you will need to relocate your router to a better place. Usually, the center space of any place is considered optimum to strengthen the signals.

Check for wrong configuration techniques

 If you are using a bridging mode connection as extending Wi-Fi or as a repeater, be sure that you’re using different passwords or channels.  As a result, you are no longer connected to any device as it displays no signal in TP-Link routers. If such types of problems arise then ensure that you check the WDS Bridge or use repeater settings that help to confirm such two matches connected via the Wi-Fi settings of a modem or an access point. If you have a different SSID channel name then you don’t require performing these functions.

Reset your Password

If your router had been hacked to access internet, this can affect your connectivity and you will be required to change the password. Reset your password using alpha numeric characters so that it becomes difficult to hack into your TP-Link router. Also reset your TP-Link router IP address. After making the changes restart your router to change the settings. If the problem still persists, the source of error may be out of scope of this blog. Contact TP-Link officials and register your problem.


It is common for your tech gadgets to act up or show errors. Most of these glitches are very easy to resolve and can be solved without requiring to call any professional. Using this blog you will be easily able to crack open your TP-Link router and reach at the source of error. If this information doesn’t suffice and problem is out of scope of this blog, feel free to reach Tech Support Expert. We are all ears to hear out your queries and provide expert tech solutions. Give us a call at +800-742-9005, or drop an email at

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