How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?

How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?

How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router? – A router’s performance can be greatly enhanced by installing custom firmware. The router’s performance will more closely resemble that of more expensive models in terms of wireless signal strength and bandwidth allocation control when an open-source flash update has been loaded. The functionality of the majority of router types can be improved by downloading and installing modified firmware, additionally, it enhances QoS and many networking parameters. In order to modify the settings and maximize the performance of your network connection, one must learn How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router? which is discussed  in detail in this article, so read along.

Each WiFi router has a unique firmware. This is a unique operating system that was pre-installed by the manufacturer at the factory. This is one of the reasons routers are so challenging to use and administer in comparison to other devices, like smartphones, for example. Additionally, the vendor router firmware is deficient in features and infrequently updated with new additions and security fixes. Installing an open source, custom router firmware on your router is thus one of your options. The three most popular ones are Tomato, OpenWRT, and DD-WRT. Now, with any further ado let’s discuss How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?.

How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?

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Procedure to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?

To those who are unfamiliar, custom router firmware may seem both intimidating and irrelevant. However, upgrading your router’s default firmware to custom firmware will provide you access to many capabilities that the default firmware simply cannot handle, including faster routers, enhanced internet privacy, smarter traffic routing, and many more. A custom firmware’s additional monitoring features are unbeatable if you’re a little bit obsessive about your poor internet connectivity. If you are someone who likes to fiddle around and make the most of your internet connection then, here’s how to install custom firmware on your router?

Step 1: Identify the model and version of the router

These digits are typically seen behind the router, underneath, or close to the manufacturer’s emblem. For further reference, note the model and version information.

Step 2: Obtain your computer’s default gateway and the IP address of the router

  • Identify a PC’s IP address and default gateway. To access the command screen from the Start menu, put “cmd” into the search box. To retrieve the required IP configuration data, type “ipconfig/all” next. To use when logging into your device’s web interface, note the IP address and default gateway information.
  • Find the Mac’s IP address and default gateway for the router. By tapping the Apple icon on the menu bar, you may access the system preferences selection. Choose “Internet & Wireless” from the Network menu. The list of network data will include the IP address and default gateway of the router.

Step 3: Find a website that allows you to get open source firmware files

Open source flash updates can be acquired from numerous websites. To get a list of websites offering this free service, type “open source firmware download” into the search bar on the Internet.

Step 4: Determine the router model, then download the open source upgrade

Look through the supported devices in the router category list until you find the router model of the device you want to update. Normally, a list of supported devices will include a description of each one as well as a link to the file holding the needed custom flash update. You can start the download by clicking the provided link after making sure the file is the appropriate update for your device.

Step 5: Access the router’s user interface

Depending on the device’s model and manufacturer, access the router’s web interface by entering either its IP address or default gateway. The default web browser will launch and display the router’s web interface.

Step 6: Install the firmware upgrade that is open source

Find the firmware upgrade option; it’s frequently found under administration or advanced settings. You will be asked to choose the file from a location on your computer after the firmware update feature has been discovered. Select the update file that was downloaded by clicking the Browse button. To finish the firmware upgrade, follow the directions. The firmware update has been finished.


We recommend that you follow these instructions if you wish to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router. Follow each stage’s instructions exactly if you want the best outcomes. However, contact our IT experts if you believe you will still require assistance with technology even after following the aforementioned actions. We really hope you enjoy browsing our website and find the required information on How to Install Custom Firmware on Your Router?. If you require additional assistance from knowledgeable professionals, call 800-742-9005 or send an email to

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