How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD– Internet is now considered as basic demand for every house, office work. Now the Internet has its own importance of our day to day life. There are a various way to connect with the internet like a dongle but the best and most useable way for connection is Router. When it comes to routers, No other router is best then Linksys. quality, technology is superb of Linksys routers. So connecting router is not rocket science, but a little tech knowledge required. Here in this blog, we will discuss How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD.

For internet access, router setup is an initial and important step. Whenever you buy a router, installation manual available with it. In that handbook, instructions are given for setup and moreover, the CD also provided by the manufacturers. In case if you lost the setup CD, one question rise in mind, How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD, in that case, you no need to worry, there are alternate ways also for setup which explained by tech experts.

How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

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Most of the time, for installation for Linksys router we use CD, If in case the CD is not available, you can set up your router without a CD by easy ways. Here in the next section, we will share steps for Setup Linksys Router Without CD.

Method of Setting up Linksys Router Setup without CD

For the Linksys router setup without CD, it is important that your internet is working in a proper range. In case the internet connection is not working properly then you cannot proceed to set up. 

  • Check your internet connection – Firstly, connect your computer to the modem, and make sure that your computer can access internet connection directly through Modem.
  • Now make a connection between modem-router-computer- Now connect your computer and modem to the working router with the ethernet cable. Insert the cable to the modem internet port and computer to the LAN port. In case you connect cables in the wrong port, so you will not able to open the setup page, so connect correctly.
  • Open Linksys router Setup page- For opening Linksys setup, open your computer browser, and in search bar please enter correct IP- in case you are not able to open IP, then temporary turn off firewall settings.
  • Change Internet settings on the Linksys router- In this step, it will ask you to enter the Username and password. So the default username is admin and the password is also same admin. In case it does not accept the password, then reset the device to the factory default
  • Check the internet connection settings- Now check the network connection setting according to your internet service provider. If you are using cable service provider then DHCP server is set to enabled.
  • Try to go online on your computer- In case if you are not able to access the Internet connection on your PC then you might have missed the connection settings. So check connection settings and make it work.
  • Change your wireless network settings- For wireless network settings, go to the wireless tab on the setup page. Now change the wireless network name and type security password.
  • Now, Connect to the wifi network- Now try to connect your computer with a wireless connection. For connecting internet, you need to find the SSID, try to connect to the SSID. Enter the password and connect to the wireless connection.

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