How to Configure Linksys Router

How to Configure Linksys Router

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How to Configure Linksys Router

The Methods to Configure Linksys Router

Configuring your Linksys Router is a two-step process that sets the router physically and configures the settings of the router. The configuration of the Linksys Router is a very simple and easy process that can be done manually. You are not even required to set up the Linksys router without CD.

Use Ethernet cables and router to connect the router to the modem and open the configuration page and manually change the settings. Isn’t it that simple? However, you need to ensure that, even if the router is wireless, you need to connect the router using Ethernet Cable to set up and configure the Linksys Router.

How to Configure Linksys Router Physically?

You must first set up your Linksys router near the modem and plug the power cable into the socket of the wall.

  • Use the Ethernet cable to power the router and then connect the router to the modem.
  • Now connect the computer to the router using the router’s numbered ports for the configuration and setup process.
  • Even if the router is wireless, you should prefer to use the LAN cable to develop the connection between the system and the router until your router configures the security settings.

Configure MAC Address Cloning of Linksys Router

The configuration process’s second step is to clone the MAC address. Cable internet connections require Media Access Control or MAC address to assess the subscribers ‘ computer and develop a network connection. So, if your Linksys Router also includes the MAC address of the computer, the configure of Linksys router would have a MAC Cloning tool to copy your computer’s MAC address.

Hook Up SSID Settings of Linksys Router

Hiding or changing your router’s default SSID is always helpful in discouraging uninvited users from using your Linksys Router’s wireless connection. From the main menu page, click “Wireless” and click the “Wireless Network Name” button.

  • Here you need to enter the required Network SSID, the name that will appear in your device’s wireless network list, and through this name, you can easily recognize the modem or router.
  • You need to “Deactivate” the radio button for the “Wireless SSID Broadcast” after entering the name and then click “Save Settings” and you’re done.

Linksys Router Security Setting Configuration Method

You will see the “Wireless Security” tab on the Wireless Menu from where you need to select the WEP option from the Security Mode drop-down menu.

  • Ensure that 126 bits 26 hex digits are selected from the drop-down menu and enter the password in the field required.
  • Make sure the password is strong and includes symbols, numerical figures and a mix of letters in the lower and upper case.
  • If you think it’s hard to remember the password, then note down the password for future use.
  • Click “Save Settings” and finally click “Generate.” The process is finished.

Linksys Router Chat and Email Support

For some reason, you have the option to live chat with our Linksys Chat Support Executives if you are unable to contact us at our toll-free number. Regardless of what the problem is, the step-by-step guide will surely take you to the solution. If you do not have the time to contact us directly, send us an email at With the same care, our experts will analyze the problem and return to you with a few remote fixes.

Linksys Router Technical Support Toll-Free Number

If you are facing any kind of trouble regarding the Linksys Router and looking for the best technical support for Linksys Router. Contact to Tech Support Expert on our Linksys toll-free number 800-742-9005. Our highly experienced and talented technical support team is here in your service 24/7 to provide you with the best assistance regarding Linksys Routers and other brand routers.

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