How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router

How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router

How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router – Did you just purchase a brand new Linksys WiFi Router? Are you looking to set up your wireless router to enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection? If yes, this Tech Support Expert is at your rescue. Routers are undoubtedly one of the best devices that allow us to get access to a seamless internet connection. Among all the routers, the Linksys Wifi Router is one of the mesh-capable Wi-Fi routers that deliver a quick output and 160MHz bandwidth. This wireless router can connect to many devices and provide good output. But, to reap the amazing benefits offered by this router, you need to first set up the device. Thus, in this blog, we will teach you How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router.

Wi-Fi routers are probably the most important electronic devices that you will come across in every household, office, and professional institute. Routers like Linksys allow users to get access to an uninterrupted internet connection. It is one of the most affordable WiFi routers that can be used to get peak internet performance. But, the users need to first set up the router to enjoy seamless internet connectivity. The real trouble arises for the users who belong to a non-technical background. But not anymore! In this blog, we will teach you How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router.How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router

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Requirements to Meet Before Setting your Linksys Wifi Router

There are certain requirements that you need to meet before moving on to How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router. These requirements are related to the browser, materials, and connectivity. So, do read this section carefully and do not miss any requirements to enjoy an uninterrupted setup process.

Basic Requirements to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router:

  1. Brand new Linksys Wi-Fi Router.
  2. Laptop, computer or desktop with working Ethernet port.
  3. Good quality ethernet cables.

Browser Requirements to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router:

  1. Compatible and updated web browser.
  2. For Windows: Google Chrome or Firefox.
  3. For Mac: Safari
  4. Latest Adobe Flash Player.

Internet Requirements to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router:

Make sure to have a working internet connection to enjoy the uninterrupted setup process. You can check your internet connectivity and ensure zero glitches.

How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router

The wait for the Linksys users who are looking to set up their WiFi Router ends here. Here, in this section of the blog, we will teach simple methodologies that will allow you to accomplish the job of setting up the Linksys Wifi Router. But be sure to follow everything in the exact same manner as it is mentioned to get the best result. So, here is How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router:

Step 1: If you have received antennas with your Linksys WiFi Router, then first of all connect the antennas to the router.

Step 2: Once done, plug the router into an active power source and switch on the Power button (if available).

Step 3: Now, attach the Ethernet wire to the router’s internet port.

Step 4: Up next, you have to connect your WiFi. You can look at the Quick Start Guide to locate the WiFi credentials.

Step 5: Make sure to place both the devices (router and device) close to each other.

Step 6: Open the Web Browser.

  • If you have Windows operating system, then open Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you have a Mac Operating system, then open Safari.

Step 5: Once done, enter the URL and hit enter.

Step 6: Accept the prompt indicating I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software.

Step 7: Click on next to proceed further.

Step 8: Now, uncheck the Install future router updates automatically (recommended) option which is automatically checked by default.

Step 9: Click next to proceed further.

Step 10: Enter your Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password and hit the option Next.

Step 11: Choose the option _5GHz suffix and connect to the new Wi-Fi name.

Step 12: Click Next.

Step 13: In the Create a new router password window, enter the Password of the router.

Step 14: Click Next.

Step 15: Your router is set up if you got the message Your router is set up!.

So, this is How to Setup your Linksys Wifi Router. We hope you liked this blog and if you face any issues while performing the steps mentioned above, then contact us by calling at 800-742-9005 or write us your query via email at

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