How To Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router

How To Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router

How To Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router – High-speed internet is the basic need for every technical or non-technical work. But while using the internet if connection interrupts or disconnected then it seems like that the whole world has stopped. Sometimes while using internet connection various error occurs like DNS error, internet not connecting, etc. DNS error is quite common and it mainly creates a problem when the system is not configured properly. In this blog, we are going to share tips and tricks for How To Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router.

Linksys is the best company for internet routers. Updated technology and easy to use. Sometimes while connecting a router to the internet the user face problem. If he has enough knowledge so he may set it up or if a person doesn’t know how to operate he needs expert help. For that, you need the help of tech support team. just dial our toll-free number
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Directions to Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router

DNS error is very common in routers. Intermittent wireless connectivity, low signal quality, slower uploads, slow downloads, the poor quality these are reasons for the DNS error. The error notification appears on an active internet connection. To resolve this linksys router DNS error, in this section, we will share quick steps-

  • Firstly, troubleshoot the router settings and try to connect the router with other devices. if you are not able to connect with alternate devices, then there is a problem in router.
  • Now, try a different browser and attempt to connect with the internet.
  • If it not work, then unplug the modem and router power cable. Sit for at least 30 seconds and reconnect it and wait for it to come back online.
  • Now connect the computer to the router via ethernet cable.
  • If you cannot connect to the browser, then reset the router settings.
  • Now erasing the DNS cache files
  • For flushing, the DNS cache, click on window icon and in the bottom of search bar enter command prompt. Now the command prompt screen opens.
  • Afterwards, type ipconfig /flushdns and tab on enter. This command eliminates all saved DNS addresses
  • Now Restart the web browser and you can connect the webpage as the problem is resolved.

Other Ways To Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router

Here we will share some other methods also to Fix DNS Error In Linksys Router. These are easy and proceed it as it is mentioned.

  • Uninstall antivirus :- sometimes antivirus not allowed the DNS files and stop the connecting process, so after uninstalling the antivirus files you can fix the problem and access the internet connection.
  • Connecting the router in safe mode:-
    Run the computer in safe mode and trying to connect will help you determine if any unwanted software is causing the issue as the safe mode will only load the required files for windows. To do this reboot the computer and hold down the F8 key. Then select Safe mood with networking.
  • Disable the Firewall:- Disabling the firewall can also resolve the DNS error problem. This could be the solution for the DNS problem.

These all methods are checked and pre-performed by our expert teams. Our team will assure you, that these all steps are helpful to fix DNS error.

Common Annoying Router Problems

Nowadays, access to wireless connection is a necessity for everyone. The router companies adding new features and innovations in the device to make the connection faster. Some technical updates make it a little harder to operate. Here are some common router problems which most of the people suffer –

  • Configuration setting
  • Enabling file sharing from the router
  • Performing firewall updates
  • Enabling wireless access
  • Changing DNS provider

These are few problems which user face while using internet connection. To get the issues resolved always take help of experts. Tech Support is the one stop solution for any technical glitch.

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