Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light?

Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light?

Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light? – Are you tired of waiting to resolve your Linksys router tech issues and looking for someone to clear your all doubts regarding Linksys router? You are actually not alone in this particular queue. Many of the users are often unable to find an adequate and proper solution in the time period of their need. Regardless of the Linksys router device, our engineers at Tech Support Expert have all important and practical solutions for Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light/Solid yellow light.

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Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light?

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Linksys Wireless Router Series | Tech Support Expert

The Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on the Linksys router define the current status of the network connection between your router and the other network devices connected to it. There are various Linksys Router model series like:

  • Wireless-AC Linksys Router
  • N series Wireless Linksys Router
  • G series Wireless Linksys Router
  • B series Wireless Linksys Router
  • Wired VoIP Linksys Router
  • Wireless VoIP Linksys Router

The General Linksys Router Lights Meaning

  • Power LED: Solid White Colour LED if blinks the Linksys router is under self-diagnostic test mode.
  • Internet: White/Amber, the Internet is established if the internet light is solid and if blinking meaning the router works to establish a network connection. If Amber LED blinks it indicates towards the hardware issue.
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz: The solid white wireless LED when either 1 or more than one clients are connected through 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.
  • eSATA: White Solid LED highlight only during when eSATA device is connected
  • USB 1 and USB 2: The USB 1 glow solid when either USB or eSATA device is connected. USB 2 shows solid white when a USB 3.0 is connected.
  • USB 1 Primary and USB 2 Secondary: The USB 2 Primary LED shows in solid white when a USB 3.0 is connected and USB 2 secondary comes in the white solid state during the connectivity of USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 is connected to it.
  • ETHERNET 1 to 4 Primary and ETHERNET 1 to 4 Secondary: A flashing white LED indicates network usage over these particular port. Similar is the functionality of ETHERNET 1 to 4 Secondary but during the connectivity of 1000Mbps, these White LEDs get in the solid white state.

Why Linksys Router is Blinking Orange Light?

Sometimes, there might be a cable connectivity error between the Linksys router and modem, which can lead towards the trouble and may cause Linksys router is blinking orange light problem. Before proceeding forward you must go through the connectivity of cables between the Linksys router and modem.

  1. Firmware Update Problem: If the Linksys router firmware is not working on the latest version firmware them it might create a problem in the router. So you should first update your Linksys router’s firmware and reboot your system and router.
  2. MAC address cloning: MAC addressing cloning is another factor behind the Linksys router Blinking orange light. So login into your Linksys router and check go to Setup and check the MAC Address Clone settings.
  3. Reset Linksys Router: Before proceeding to this particular step, you should concern with your supervisors or higher authority because this step will reset all the major firewall and security settings. 

IP Address Conflict Leads to Linksys Router Blinks Orange/Yellow

If you have found the yellow light blinking on your Linksys Router then surely your modem and Linksys router have the IP address of the same class. So in this particular condition, you need to change the IP address of the Linksys Router with the following instructions.

  • Connect Linksys Router with Computer
  • Open the Web Brower
  • Type in URL/Address Bar and press enter
  • Login into Linksys Router, if forget the password reset it through the reset button
  •  Linksys Router setup will open on your display screen.
  • Scroll down and go to the Router IP address windows
  • Change it with different IP address class like or etc,
  • Click on Apply and OK, and restart your Linksys Router

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