How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

How to Update Linksys Router Firmware – Linksys router firmware is mainly used to operate the router, and by providing the interface, protocol runtime environment, and security settings, it works as an operating system. It allows configuring and customizing the router according to the operating environments of the network. Firmware is a kind of ROM which is preinstalled and embedded software in the Linksys Router. With the improvisation in Internet technology, the security level is also increasing in the router. Therefore its quite necessary to understand the concept of How to Update Linksys Router Firmware to secure your system from intruders.

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How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

How to Update Linksys Router Firmware Just in Two Minutes?

  1. Go to the web-based setup page for your router. Do this by opening a Web browser on any Linksys router-connected computer or mobile device and typing “” into the address bar. If that doesn’t work, your router’s local IP address during the initial setup was changed from the default.
  2. Log in with your administrator credentials to the setup page. When you first set up the Linksys router, you should have created a custom username and password.
  3. Check that the latest firmware runs on your router. You should see the words “Firmware Version” and then several numbers in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Open a new tab and search  Linksys Support Page
  5. In the search box search your Linksys Router with its model number and download the latest firmware from the list.
  6. Click on the “Administration” tab at the top of the page and then click on the “Firmware Upgrade” button on your router setup page.
  7. From the pop-up box, click “Browse” and navigate to your computer towards the Linksys firmware file and click on Update.
  8. Wait to complete the upgrade. Do not turn off the power or hit the reset button of the router while this process is going on. Ultimately, a popup will appear to inform you that the upgrade was successful. To complete the process, click “Continue” on that popup.
  9. Congratulations !!! you have updated your Linksys Router. Now just restart or reboot your Linksys Router.

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