Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages

Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages

Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages- An issue in printer makes a frustrating working experience. In the printer segments, Ricoh has made a remarkable position in the market. Highly built and good features are the main highlights for the Ricoh printers. Out there in the world, there are about a billion of Ricoh printers users available. Some users encounter with same issue Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages. To help them all we have update this article. By this blog, you can easily solve your black page issue. It is important for all Ricoh printer users that perform every step carefully.

To fix any kind of technical glitch in your device or gadget always take an expert advice. In terms for experienced tech geeks, Our company, tech support expert has made a great image in the tech world. As many printer users report for same issue Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages. To help them all we have shared easy methods and steps to fix it up.

Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages

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Possible Causes for Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages Issue

In our testing we found many reasons for black page error. Following are some of them:-

  • Defective toner cartridge
  • High voltage power supply circuit is defective
  • DC controller PCA is defective. If the DC Controller turns on the laser beam continuously, the entire surface of the Photosensitive drum is disabled and resulting a completely black page.
  • No developing bias
  • No transfer roller voltage
  • No toner is available for print
  • Multiple feeds
  • Contaminated or deformed transfer roller
  • Dirty scanner mirrors
  • Software configuration
  • Network configuration

Methods to Fix Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages Error

In this section, we will discuss various methods to fix it up. We ensure you by any of the following method your black page issue will solved. Here is the troubleshooting steps:-

Step:1  Confirm the Actual Issue

  • Firslty, Print a Printer Settings page by pressing the GO button 3 times within 2-3 seconds.
  • Secondly,  Make sure that the printed pages is all black and there is no text or image
  • If the page is black, then continue to the next section.

Step: 2 Printer Drum Removing and Cleaning

  • Turn off the power switch of the printer
  • Now, open the front cover by pressing the cover release button.
  • Elevate the drum unit slightly and pull it out.
  • Afterward, Place the drum unit on a clean cloth to avoid spilling and dispersal the toner.
  • Ensure that the drum and toner labels and the Ricoh logo are lying face up.
  • While drum assembling, gently clean the primary wire inside the drum unit.
  • Softly slide the blue tab on the top of the drum unit from left to right for 5 to 10 times.
  • After cleaning the wire, come back the blue tab to the home place.
  • Carefully sway the drum and toner cartridge from side to side to divide the toner evenly inside the cartridge

Step: 3 Interior Printer Cleaning Process

  • Clean or gently wipe away any dust if you see
  • Reset the drum unit into the Ricoh Printer and close the front cover.
  • Turn ON the power switch

Step:4 Test Your Printer By Printing a Sample

  • Now, if have followed all the above steps then you are good to go to use your printer.
  • To check it Print the Print Settings page by pressing the Go button 3 times within few seconds.
  • If it prints perfectly, then your printer issue has been resolved.

These are the easy way out to fix your Ricoh Printer Printing Black Pages issue. In case while performing if you face any sort of difficulty then do not hesitate and connect to us via calling.

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